*MY TESTING TEAM IS FULL for this round! Feel welcome to submit the form below for all future pattern testing calls.*

I'm looking for quilt pattern testers for my quilt Launch Status Check. Testing will begin on May 20, 2021 and will end on July 8, 2021, providing a full 7 weeks to test. I will run testing in the style of a quilt along, providing extra tips where possible. I will use group message on Instagram for most communications as well email.

Each tester will need to follow the timeline, have a public Instagram account and be willing to submit photos during the testing process. If this sounds like something you can do please follow Maggie Muggins Designs on Instagram and submit the form below in order to provide me contact information and a little information about you!

Sewing Machine

Launch Status Check
Twin, Throw and Baby Sizes

I would like to test the Luanch Status Check quilt pattern.

Thanks for submitting!