October 23, 2014

Monster Baby Shower

Earlier this year I hosted a baby shower for a girl in my church congregation. She was about to have her first little baby. Her nursery was going to be Monster themed for her new little boy so I decided to use that theme for the shower. This would be a perfect theme for a shower around Halloween.

Monster Invitations:

Monster Baby Shower Invitation

I made the invitations and printed them at Costco in 5x7" size. I like the bigger size for invitations. (Of course I changed the information.)


Monster Baby Shower Decorations

I kept the decorations simple with blue, orange and green as my colors. Some lanterns, poufs, and flowers were the main decorations. Then I tossed in a few little monsters here and there in the food. You really don't need too many decorations when your cake takes the show!


Monster Baby Shower Food

Monster Baby Shower Food

Monster Baby Shower Punch

Monster Baby Shower Food

I had help with the food. One girl in the congregation brought a fruit tray and another brought the veggies for me. That saved me a lot of work! (Look how good Mom-To-Be looks! You wouldn't believe she was just a few weeks shy of having her son. Although the cake did hide some belly!)

Turkey Wrap Sandwiches, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Fruit, Veggies, Cream Puffs, and a delicious Orange-Pineapple Sorbet Punch.

Cake & Cake Eye Balls:

Monster Baby Shower Cake

Monster Baby Shower Cake Detail

Much Thanks to Emerald City Cake Ball for this gorgeous Monster Cake! This was my suggestion for the cake but I told her I wanted it to have more blue and green not orange. Here is my inspiration board on Pinterest. When I picked this up I nearly squealed in delight. It was simply stunning. I also ordered a dozen cake balls of the eye balls to coordinate. My boys thought they were so cool! I will definitely be going back to them for birthday cakes.

Baby Shower Activities:

I had a back-up activity planned but I really hoped that everyone would be willing to help make onesies for the new baby. (I like to be prepared for all sorts of crowds.) I provided the fabrics, already prepped with Wonder Under and gave them a few different templates to cut out. Then we had at it. After the shower I did the sewing. It was so fun and they turned out so cute.

Monster Onesies

Monster Onesies

Monster Onesies