November 23, 2013

Silhouette Connect: Cut Directly from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to your Silhouette!

Thanks to Molly for giving me the heads up on this. Some of you will be thrilled with this announcement. Silhouette has developed Silhouette Connect. It's a plug-in for Illustrator and Corel Draw users to cut directly from their software to the Silhouette Cameo and Potrait (and I'm assuming their older Silhouette SD and Original). This is available for Windows XP and higher as well as Mac OS X 10.6.8. It's a really great price at $39.99 and is available to automatically download! I am currently waiting for my software to download in order to play around with it. I'm sure this news will thrill others just as much as it does me!


Paper Zen said...

Hi Maggie, I'm confused.

I purchased my Silhouette SD several years ago and have been using Adobe Illustrator the entire time.

I use a plug-in called Cutting Master 2 CraftROBO cc330L-20 and was informed about this by the vender, US Cutters. I was told the SilSD and CraftROBO were essentially the same cutter.

I can make registration marks as well, but Illustrator couldn't read them for "print-and-cut" like it does from Silhouette - so perhaps that's the difference?

Anyway, I am definitely thrilled to have the control I want using Illustrator.


Maggie Muggins said...


The plug-in you use was only available for the Silhouette SD and Original Silhouette machines. But with the new Cameo and Potrait there was no update done to Cutting Master in order to make the newer Silhouette machines able to cut from Illustrator. There was one company in Germany that created a software but I never had luck installing it. I sold my Original Silhouette and now have a Cameo so I am thrilled to have the option to cut straight from Illustrator.

Hopefully that will answer some of the confusion. So far my use of the new plug-in is limited - but it is much easier to use and figure out than the Cutting Master was.

Paper Zen said...

Oh I see. Thanks so much for clarifying and explaining so many details, Maggie. Yay! You have Illustrator-power again :D

Designed by Denise said...

I purchased the plugin on Thanksgiving Day to use with my Cameo and CorelDRAW X4 (home / student)which is a version that does have the VBA. It installed great, but I was disappointed in the lack of cutting options (no perforation option, etc)as well as numerous bugs. For example, once the plugin is activated, dragging a PNG or JPG in the project would duplicate instead of moving the object. Several issues like that. I contacted Silhouette, and they are going to deactivate my plugin and give me a refund. I do hope they make improvements, as I would love to be able to cut directly from CorelDRAW.