November 10, 2013

Opulent Organic {Organic Modernism}

Well I did it. I went outside of my comfort zone and entered a design contest. Usually I see them on Ployvore and think they look cool, but that there's no way I could win. But for some reason (perhaps the reward) I was really intrigued by this design challenge.

The challenge from Polyvore and 2Modern was to "Create a contemporary living room with a softer, natural touch." In another description they explained a little more of what they were looking for. "Beehive-shaped lamps, caterpillar-curves on a chair -- nature inspires design. Show us how you would create a contemporary, organic room."

So the first thing I did was look for an inspiration piece to design around. The orange Anana Poof from Aqua Creation's Furniture line is made from a super luscious material - but it is even named after it's inspiration - the Pineapple. (Anana is pineapple in Spanish.)

Aqua Creations
Aqua Creations   (clipped to

I knew I wanted to pull in the bright colors of fall to make the room feel more rich and natural - so I chose orange, blue and green as my pallet. I like to show people that bright colors aren't just for paint or artwork.

Then I searched for items with organic fabrics, recycled materials and other nature inspired elements. The sectional from Environment Furniture was made recycled army tent canvas. I was so surprised by that but I love it.

Sofa   (see more modular sofas)

I think what surprised me when I finally sat back and looked at the room was how warm and inviting it felt. I pulled many modern elements in and used items from 2Modern and while a lot of it is modern, there is a much more inviting feel to this room than I usually see in modern design.

Here's my entry to the contest! What do you all think? Does it feel like organic modernism?