June 5, 2013

Pinterest Just Got Better! {Search Your Own Boards on Pinterest}

For quite some time now I have been a Pinterest user. You can find me HERE. The inner geek sometimes makes me get frustrated wtih programs I use and how they could be better. So I contact companies with my suggestions. No - I'm not saying it was solely my idea (I'd like to think they did this just for me though.) but today Pinterest announced that you can finally search your own boards! Huzzah! My main frustration with Pinterest is now eliminated.

How do you do it? In the search bar up top enter the words you are searching for. When the results come up click on "Just my pins" in the upper left corner of the results. Suddenly that impossible to find Lime Chicken Enchilada recipe that you pinned and tried and liked and then lost among your pins got a whole lot easier to find!

Thanks Pinterest! Now if they could only program in my one last request: to be able to type the board name to find it in the drop down box when I'm pinning - that would make pinning a whole lot faster!