April 30, 2013

Woodpecker Attack and Solution!

Just about two weeks ago I heard some drumming in the house. I thought it was one of the kids but quickly realized it wasn't anyone inside the house. No, we were under attack! Two woodpeckers found our home a perfect place to peck at. I quickly scared them away but they came back. WARNING: If you hear woodpeckers at your house scare them away for good right away. I wasn't that smart - but I've learned my lesson.

Woodpecker Solution

Our woodpeckers were beautiful Northern Flickers. Don't be fooled, as beautiful as the bird is - you don't want it pecking on your house!

Just a week later I woke up way too early with the kids. They watched shows while cuddling their sleepy mom on the couch. About two hours later I realized that there had been drumming that entire time, but it was way too early for the neighbors to be out working on a project. That's when I bolted from my seat, ran out the patio door, and quickly scared away another woodpecker. This is what I saw next:

Woodpecker Attack Insulation

Woodpecker Attack House Siding

There were two woodpeckers and we're certain they were trying to make our house a home. I searched for all sorts of solutions but most of them were things like: call animal control, buy this spray (which took 5-7 days to arrive), buy a fake owl, hang some reflective things up, etc. So I kept looking for something cheap. Finally I found THIS PAGE. Seriously, if you are under attack - the suggestions there are great!

After a quick read of their suggestions my husband got excited. He quickly ran out and purchased a water gun and hot sauce. He loaded the water gun with hot sauce and soaked the entire wall of the area where the woodpeckers were visiting. (Don't worry, our kids will not be using that gun ever.) The next morning they were back, as usual. The two woodpeckers landed and pecked. My husband ran out ready to scare them away. After two pecks they flew away before he could even scare them. They haven't come back since! Yay HOT SAUCE! My husband rocks! Now to get the hole repaired so we don't have other surprise visitors.

Woodpecker Repellent

*One of our friends (who owns a Pest Control Business) also recommended Bird-X Scare Eye Balloon from Amazon.com. He says many people he refers to them have success.