April 25, 2013

No More Track Lights

I've been so excited with all the changes in lighting around here. In our great room we removed the track light that ran on the edge of the room. It was good at lighting the room when the spotlights were pointed towards the roof, but then they were in-your-face lights. You know how that is - like when the sun shines in through a window and blinds you in your seat. It wasn't quite that blinding, but much more annoying because it never went away.

Taken the night before we moved in! That old couch is no longer there.

It took me some time (4.5 months to be exact) to decide what to do with the lights. What I wanted was the same amount of light, division of spaces and versatility. I didn't want the new lighting to prevent me from putting up bookcases, rearranging the room, or changing things around later on down the road.

I finally decided on adding two new recessed lights and putting a light fixture above the table. That fixture could be a chandelier, a special light, or changed to a simple flush mount depending on how the space was being used. You can see in the before and after images I whipped up quickly the differences.

Great Room Lighting

We still have to install the light above the dining room table. Just like with the entry-way chandelier I went through and chose several and then let my husband look at them. Below are our top choices. Which one do you think we got? (That's not our table, just one that I popped in to help me through the thinking process.)

Drum Shade Choices

Drum Shade Choices by maggiemuggins on Polyvore

Hopefully next week we will have the light installed and I can show you some after photos!