April 22, 2013

Frosted Vinyl {Christmas Nativity}

I've used the Silhouette Frosted Vinyl a few times now and it has never disappointed me. I showed you how I used it on my "Everything Has Beauty" artwork last year. I also used it on a mirror - and the results were amazing!

Lauren over at The Thinking Closet has a great post about Frosted Vinyl today. (A really cool blog to read.) Her project is really pretty and the round-up of other projects will likely inspire you to buy a roll to try - if you haven't already!

This is a Nativity Silhouette that I made combining several Silhouette shapes. The frosted vinyl was easy to cut. It did require higher settings than regular vinyl. It's a little more thick.

Frosted Vinyl Nativity on Mirror

It's hard to get a nice close up of this, so this was my best attempt. You'll notice a few bubbles if you look closely. I wasn't careful enough while applying this vinyl.

Frosted Vinyl Nativity

I have to warn you - frosted vinyl sticks REALLY well. So it can be a lot of work to remove it! I left this vinyl up for over a year because it was so hard to remove. On the plus side, if you use it on a vase, or other things you might want to rinse, you won't have to worry about it coming off.

Now, head on over to The Thinking Closet for some more ideas for Frosted Vinyl!

Silhouette Shapes:
(Click on the shapes to link to them in the Silhouette Online Store.)


Unknown said...

Just happed upon this post and thanks so much for the shout-outs! Your nativity scene is just lovely...and I need to remember this for Christmas. Pinning!

The Thinking Closet