March 18, 2013

Re-purposed Glass into Spring Vase

A long time ago we went to The Rainforest Cafe and for some reason I didn't even look at the price of my drink. It was some sort of raspberry slushie (non-alcoholic as always) and apparently came with the glass. Woops! So for a long time this thing just sat at the back of our shelf. Unused.

A few years later and I suddenly realized this was my go-to vase. It was wider than anything I had and a good height, plus it had a unique look to it. I would just turn the glass around so the logo was hidden. I attempted removing the logo a couple different ways without success. Then one day I decided to cover that logo up. It really wasn't a sentimental item at all, so I didn't feel guilty doing it at all.

Glass with Logo

I used Cosmo Cricket's 2" Glubers. I got them on sale at Ben Franklin Crafts. I followed it's instructions for making a flower, then I added a little extra triangle cut piece on the bottom to extend the flower just a little more over the logo. (Next time I would cut and adhere that part first, then twist and make the flower.)  This was actually something I did last year, and some of the buttons have fallen off but the flower never has. It's been wet a few times even, despite me being careful.


Glue gun's don't work well on glass - that's why the buttons fell of. I knew it but was too lazy to look for my good glue. I will glue them back on with a better glue (E600) the second time around. I wanted to show you this project now though because this is really great for spring!

Logo on Glass Covered

New Vase