March 20, 2013

Daunting Choices

One of the hard things about our new house is the many choices I've been having to make. I love Interior Design and Home Decorating, but I have to confess, that on occasion I feel a little overwhelmed by it all. We're having an electrician come to add some lights to the house as well as add/move switches and outlets. For some reason builders here haven't figured out just how essential lighting is here in the Pacific Northwest. Our 18 year old townhouse had lighting issues (aka: one little 20W spotlight in a large room with a vaulted ceiling . In our new 33 year old house the front (formal living) room has no lights. It has one outlet attached to a switch and that is all. I can't even get both lamps to turn on and off with the switch. Boo. This is a fairly large room with a vaulted ceiling too. It has lots of windows to help during the day and it is open to the entrance which has a dimly-lit chandelier. But at night, there's just not enough light in there.

After much thought, and walking over toys each night to turn off the lamp, I have finally decided what we'll do to make the lighting situation better.

1. We're going to do about 4 recessed lights in the vaulted ceiling. This should create a significant amount of extra light with-out detracting from the chandelier in the entrance.

2. We're going to replace the dimly-lit chandelier with a slightly larger and much brighter one. It will be able to take large bulbs instead of the little 7 watt ones.

I was about to call the electrician and have him over this week when suddenly I realized I still hadn't chosen a new chandelier. After trips to 3 different stores without success, as well as perusing several sites, I finally found some options that my husband and I both liked. We still have to choose our favorite. Which one do you like best?

Chandelier Choices

Chandelier Choices by maggiemuggins on Polyvore
*If you click over to Polyvore you can get links to each chandelier.

We would install this ourselves but seeing as we're having someone come with scaffolding to do add lights to the room, it will actually cost less to pay him to install the chandelier than to rent the scaffolding ourselves and take the time to do the work.