December 20, 2012

Painting - My Reality

Why is it that painting one single room takes so much effort? I'm exhausted this morning because I stayed up late last week to get the first coat painted in their bedroom while my little ones slept. There's no painting with the littlest one awake!

Benjamin Moore Woodland Hills Green

First I had to choose colors. Of course, I have a VERY independent little boy who HAD to help choose the colors, so there was a little bit of guidance involved. His first choice for green was a very dark Evergreen. Little brother would have had the entire room done in purple if he could but I have my limits.

Then we had to dig through the garage for all our paint supplies. Did I mention we moved just 4 weeks ago? After purchasing the paint it's not just an easy start. We of course had to tape, remove every outlet cover, take down the blinds, and prep the room. Then, finally, I got the first coat of the bottom color on. That two weeks ago. I ran out of paint at the very end of that wall.

Last week I was finally started on the upper wall. So, while many of you are scrambling to finish Christmas shopping and making beautiful home made gifts - I'm just hoping that this bedroom gets finished as fast as possible. I wanted this done a month ago. Before we moved in. That obviously didn't happen.

Now a week has passed and I still haven't had a chance to finish the next coats.

Here are the paint colors we chose from my favorite paint: Benjamin Moore's Aura in Eggshell.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

I really could get away with a few touch ups here and there on the walls because this paint coats so well, but I'm going for the second coat. This is going to be a little boys bedroom after all. I'm sure I will have to wash the walls plenty!

While other bloggers are showing off their stunning "Before and Afters" here is the truth: In between there is a whole lot of work! Someday - not in the near future I will show you my after - but until then - this is my reality.

Benjamin Moore Skyscraper