November 1, 2012

Traffic Themed Bedroom

Over the last 6 months we have been in the process (a very long and drawn-out one) of buying a new house. Yesterday the deed was recorded with our names on it! I can't begin to explain to you how excited we are to move out of our townhouse into a home with a FENCED BACK YARD! That was the number one thing we were looking for in our next house. Packing is already half done and there is lots to do to get ready.

The house is older but in pristine condition. We purchased from the original owners and she has probably the cleanest house I've ever seen. Regardless of that, this house still needs our own personal touches. Our first change will be the boy's bedroom. I'm so excited about this room that I have to show you some of my plans already. I'll keep some of it a surprise for later when I show you before and afters.

This is the board I made on Polyvore with my son helping me out. He's had 70% say in the design process. He wants a traffic themed bedroom still (he has one now) so we're using a lot of the stuff we have now.

Traffic Themed Bedroom

Traffic Themed Bedroom by maggiemuggins on Polyvore

We'll be tearing out the carpet and putting in a new floor. The type of floor is still undecided but I want it to be a similar color to above. The paint colors will be green, blue and grey and I am going to be having some fun on those walls. Some photography as well as traffic signs and other items will be awesome decorations. I also have plans for the bedding which I will show you soon. I'm so excited about it. The closet doors and bedroom door will probably be replaced as well. I can't wait to show you the completed room - but first we have to do all the work.