November 8, 2012

Lest We Forget

My Grandfather would look at our world today and be amazed by the many amazing things he sees. I remember his amazement when he learned about the internet, email, cell phones, and many other things. It was like magic to him. He was amazed by progress. My memories of him are many. Fishing, camping at his place, or on his back patio, going to the river, the beach and the golf course with him, his smell, his smile, and his absolute love for his grandchildren rank right up there along with many other memories. But there is one, that now as I look back saddens me. As he grew older he and Grandma watched the news together frequently. It was their thing that they did together. (As long as a good Hockey game wasn't going.) That was when he would start going off about how terrible things were. He'd bring up the good times from his past and wonder how things could have changed so much. Occasionally I was there when he told a war story. I really don't remember much of them, but I remember his pride in having fought for his country. Now I look back on those moments and remember a time when the world was even safer than it is now, and I wonder, what would he think now? I have not forgotten him, but a lot of things that he and his fellow country men fought for have been long forgotten.

The poppy is a flower that Canadians wear as part of the celebration of Remembrance Day. The words "Lest We Forget" are a reminder to us that we should not forget where our freedom and liberties came from. Lest means "for fear that". I never want to see a day when we have forgotten the past, the people that fought for our freedom, or the terrible wars that have rocked the nations of this world. I sincerely hope that remembering and honoring veterans each year on Veteran's Day or Remembrance Day will help us remember to protect our homes, families and countries in order to keep safe the wonderful freedoms that we now enjoy.

Lest We Forget Silhouette Sketch File

The above image is a Silhouette Sketch File of the poppy. It is about 5x7" in size for you to use on a card, frame, on a scrapbook page, or however you would like.

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Don't forget to take the time to teach your children about members of their families who deserve to be honored for their sacrifices.