October 3, 2012

Family Reunion Tees

Hello everyone! I had a wonderful summer and enjoyed several great weekend trips. Somehow that extended all the way into October. Why? Summer has just kept on going here in the Seattle area! We've had such great weather and so little rain. Watching my kids play and enjoy the sunshine was way more important than getting a post up here.

So what crafts and things have I been making in my absence? I have tons to share. To begin let me show you the T-Shirts I made for Cousin's Camp this year!

My brother wore a funny T-Shirt last year that said "If you knew my family you would understand." We all joked that it would be the perfect shirt for a Family Reunion. So when we planned the reunion this year with the theme of "We Are Family" those shirts were just right.

I designed the logo and love how it turned out.

Cousins Camp Logo

Instead of spending hours searching for plain tees to fit everyone and then making them - I found a reasonably priced printer to order them through.

Custom Ink was wonderful to work with. The upload of my design was easy and my absolute FAVORITE part was their "Sign-up Sheet". You email everyone on the list and they have the link to go order. They also can see how the shirt will fit on different sizes and get a really good fit. Their measurements were very accurate and everyone got a shirt that fits great! Getting the order ready was a breeze and it was fabulous.

The company had the sample images sent quickly and even called me about the size of the logo right away. I had it a little too large for the smaller hirts and they wanted me to have the choice of re-sizing the logo just for the small shirts (an extra charge) or just re-sizing it for all shirts (no extra charge). I re-sized it for all of them and it still looked fabulous!

Custom Ink Sample

When the shirts arrived I was so impressed by them. Okay - it was more like I squealed in delight! These are silk-screened not just printed so the quality is amazing. I will for sure be using Custom Ink again!

Family Reunion T-Shirts

Logo Silk Screen onto Shirts

Close up of Family T-Shirt Details