March 14, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Treat Box {Silhouette Treat Box Shape}

I was so excited with this new shape when it was free a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, not many people seemed to have used it. I had a hard time searching (on google) for inspiration. It's easy to make, but I wanted to see how others decorated it before deciding how to decorate mine.

Patience was worth it when I finally figured out the right key words "paper sour cream treat container". There are a lot of really creative ideas there. Here are a few of the ideas I found to inspire me:

Sour Cream Treat Box

So how did I use my treat box shape? I decided to use it for St. Patrick's Day and this is what came to me:

Gold Rainbow Treat Boxes

The Silhouette Treat box shape was easy to cut. I re-sized it a little so that the two boxes fit perfectly on an 8.5x11" sheet. It was easy to put them together. I cut these from Paper Accent's Precious Metals Cardstock (Bronze, Copper and Gold Pearlized sheets in a package.) I picked up a package of the paper at Fred Meyer.

First I taped the back and pressed it down - careful to not press the edges.

Tape on inside of Treat Box

Treat Box Taped Close

I increased the stitch length on my sewing machine to 5 and sewed across the bottom.

Treat Box Silhouette Sewn on Bottom

At this point I filled the treat box. Don't overfill it or it will rip open easily and be more difficult to sew closed. Then I carefully pinched it closed and sewed across the top.

Treat Box Filled

Treat Box Sewn Closed

Lastly, decorate as desired. I used Silhouette's Pot of Gold shape. I turned it into a print and cut, printed it on Avery White Shipping Labels to make the shape a sticker. Using the same shape created a slightly larger offset and cut that out in the blue cardstock. The stickers went on easily and then I adhered these to the treat boxes with double sided tape and that was it!

Treat Box Label Attached

Silhouette Treat Box

Silhouette Shapes:
Pot of Gold
Treat Box
(Click the shapes to take go to them in the Silhoeutte Online Store.)


Other Supplies:
Sewing Machine
Silhouette Cutting Mat

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