March 7, 2012

Another Maggie Bag

Sometimes it's just so hard to give something I make away. That was the case with this bag. I loved the fabric from the moment I saw it, and knew my friend would too. I almost told this mother-to-be that I didn't finish her bag though. Even though I spent a couple of hours before the baby shower whipping it up.

The Maggie Bag

I absolutely love the combination of Amy Butler's fabrics here. They are just beautiful!

You can barely tell that there are pockets on the outside when they aren't full, but you can see the openings in this photo.

Hidden Outer Pocket

My favorite part of the bag is the BRIGHT lining. I think it's easier to find things inside the bag when the lining is a bright color, but I also just really like that fabric!

Inside Lining and Pocket

Amy Butler's Daisy Chain line:
Aquatic Wildflowers (navy)
Aquatic Pressed Flowers (turquoise)

Amy Butler's Love line:
Soul Sunspots (olive)


Anonymous said...

Wow, i love this bag! Do u have a tutorial?

Maggie Muggins said...

Hi, Thanks for asking. I'm currently working on the pattern.

Unknown said...

How's that pattern coming?
I love this bag - it's so creative and it's just what I been looking for! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a pattern soon.

Unknown said...

How's the pattern for this (my new favorite) bag coming?
I love the bag and am excited to make one for my daughter, my mother, my best friend and myself. I've been looking for months for just the right bag pattern and this one contains so many of the features I love!
Please let me know if I can purchase a pattern soon.
Thank you, thank you!

Maggie Muggins said...

I really need to re-visit this pattern. I tried making it quite some time ago, but had a difficult time with getting one section right. Then I changed it in my head to work, but never got it down on the pattern. I plan to work on this and another pattern this month.