March 21, 2012

My awesome parents have a Cousins Camp every year for their grandchildren. The kids absolutely love it and look forward to it for months. Last year, after a vote on several themes, we chose the theme "Legomaniacs"! Of course the kids were thrilled! How could they not be?

I wanted the tee shirts to be really unique, and personalized. I considered a lot of different options but finally chose a more personalized tee.

The red shirts I found at a Dollar store. Or should I say several Dollar stores. They were not the BEST quality, and given the option I don't think I'll scrimp quite so much this year. A few of them, after a wash, had holes show up. At $1 each though, I saved a ton of money!

The design I made is personalized. Each of these is one of the cousins - in order youngest to oldest. Some chose a specific character - some chose favorite colors, or something else to be part of their character. This took time to draw up in Adobe Illustrator, but it was so fun to do.

Legomaniacs Shirt

I used the Print & Cut setting on my Silhouette. Instead of cutting out each head and making sure it lined up perfectly (way more work) I cut out a square around and ironed that whole thing on.

Lego Shirts

These were made using Printable Heat Transfer Material for Dark Fabrics. You can buy it online or at local stores like Joann's, WalMart, or other craft stores. There are other brands besides Silhouette too. I used two different brands and you can actually tell they print differently in the photo above. Silhouette's material is more faded and it didn't wash as well as the Tailor brand I used.

Note: Before using Printable Heat Transfer PRE-WASH your fabric. It lasts a lot longer and shrinks a lot less that way.

IF I were to make something like this again I would definitely use Printable Fabric and Wonder Under then sew around the edges. The color in the Heat Transfer ran a little on one of my shirts and it wrinkles a lot at this size. I have tried it in smaller pieces and it holds up way better. I will also be looking into other brands of Printable Heat Transfer though.

Lego Shirt

The best part was watching the kids figure out who each Lego head belonged to, and how mine still point out their cousins each time they wear their shirt!

Last month as I cleaned out the kids clothes I stacked their old cousins camp shirts all in a pile. I was about to get rid of some of them, but I am saving them to make a quilt for them when they are older and leave home. The memories will be so sweet for them to have.

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March 14, 2012

I was so excited with this new shape when it was free a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, not many people seemed to have used it. I had a hard time searching (on google) for inspiration. It's easy to make, but I wanted to see how others decorated it before deciding how to decorate mine.

Patience was worth it when I finally figured out the right key words "paper sour cream treat container". There are a lot of really creative ideas there. Here are a few of the ideas I found to inspire me:

Sour Cream Treat Box

So how did I use my treat box shape? I decided to use it for St. Patrick's Day and this is what came to me:

Gold Rainbow Treat Boxes

The Silhouette Treat box shape was easy to cut. I re-sized it a little so that the two boxes fit perfectly on an 8.5x11" sheet. It was easy to put them together. I cut these from Paper Accent's Precious Metals Cardstock (Bronze, Copper and Gold Pearlized sheets in a package.) I picked up a package of the paper at Fred Meyer.

First I taped the back and pressed it down - careful to not press the edges.

Tape on inside of Treat Box

Treat Box Taped Close

I increased the stitch length on my sewing machine to 5 and sewed across the bottom.

Treat Box Silhouette Sewn on Bottom

At this point I filled the treat box. Don't overfill it or it will rip open easily and be more difficult to sew closed. Then I carefully pinched it closed and sewed across the top.

Treat Box Filled

Treat Box Sewn Closed

Lastly, decorate as desired. I used Silhouette's Pot of Gold shape. I turned it into a print and cut, printed it on Avery White Shipping Labels to make the shape a sticker. Using the same shape created a slightly larger offset and cut that out in the blue cardstock. The stickers went on easily and then I adhered these to the treat boxes with double sided tape and that was it!

Treat Box Label Attached

Silhouette Treat Box

Silhouette Shapes:
Pot of Gold
Treat Box
(Click the shapes to take go to them in the Silhoeutte Online Store.)


Other Supplies:
Sewing Machine
Silhouette Cutting Mat

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March 8, 2012

I'm sorry that I postponed this but I was having a hard time sitting too long in front of a computer last week. I am doing much better now. Still not 100%, but better than before! I'm having a hard time believing we're this far into March already. I feel like New Year's was just last week, but instead the time has just flown by.

What have you all done with your free shapes from February? I'm dying to see! Please link up photos or blog posts with your projects.

Silhouette Free Shape Link Party!


February Shapes

Rhinestone Heart
Rolled Rose
Treat Box
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At 3pm on the first Thursday of every month I will put up a link party for projects made from Silhouette's Free Shapes of the previous month. The link party will be open for links for one week from the date it is posted. (Giving you an extra week to work on your projects!)


1. You may link up ONLY one item per free shape from the previous month. (Meaning 4-5 different projects may be linked depending on the month).
2. The free shape must be incorporated in the project but does not have to be the main shape, or only shape in the project.
3.The project you enter must be your own project and something you have made. (It can be inspired by someone else's project, but must be your work!)
4. All Silhouette shapes used must be listed within your post or on the SAME page as the photo linked. (Sources for other shapes not from Silhouette would also be appreciated, that way we can all easily recreate your project.)
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When possible (remember, I am a MOM first and foremost) I will do reviews on my favorite projects. 


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March 7, 2012

Sometimes it's just so hard to give something I make away. That was the case with this bag. I loved the fabric from the moment I saw it, and knew my friend would too. I almost told this mother-to-be that I didn't finish her bag though. Even though I spent a couple of hours before the baby shower whipping it up.

The Maggie Bag

I absolutely love the combination of Amy Butler's fabrics here. They are just beautiful!

You can barely tell that there are pockets on the outside when they aren't full, but you can see the openings in this photo.

Hidden Outer Pocket

My favorite part of the bag is the BRIGHT lining. I think it's easier to find things inside the bag when the lining is a bright color, but I also just really like that fabric!

Inside Lining and Pocket

Amy Butler's Daisy Chain line:
Aquatic Wildflowers (navy)
Aquatic Pressed Flowers (turquoise)

Amy Butler's Love line:
Soul Sunspots (olive)

March 3, 2012

I don't usually apologize for not posting, but this week I have been really sick recovering from the surgery and then extremely busy. I will post the Silhouette Free Shape of the Week Party next Thursday. That will give us all extra time to get projects done with our free shapes!

I've got some exciting new things that I'm working on and I can't wait to tell you all about Sew Expo!