February 10, 2012

Silhouette Adobe Illustrator Plug-Ins

UPDATE: As of November, 2013 Silhouette Connect was released for Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw users to be able to cut directly from their programs to their Cameo or Portrait.

These are the links for the Adobe Illustrator Plug-Ins. I will try to update them when I can, but if you are having trouble let me know.

Windows Plug-in HERE
Mac OSX 10.4-10.7 (Lion) Plug-in HERE.
Mac OSX 10.2-10.3 Plug-in HERE.

I have tested (honestly) to see if past models specs work with the Silhouette Cameo but no such luck. Thankfully it is still possible to export the file (as a .dxf) to import to Sihouette Studio!

To install the correct drivers for your machine:

Select CC200-20 for Silhouette Machine.
Select CC300-20 for SIlhouette SD Machine.


Steve said...

Thank you for all of your hard work on this.

Anonymous said...

Does nothing happen for anyone else when they open Autorun.exe for the Windows version?

Maggie Muggins said...

I would try downloading it again or checking if you have the admin rights on your computer to install a program. I'm not sure what else would help. Good luck!