February 11, 2012

Saturday Solution - Treads for Pleasant Journey Cars

Over a year ago we bought this Pleasant Journey Safari track for my son at a Christmas Fair. He was thrilled, and it provided hours of entertainment. We only bring it out occasionally.

Of course, parts of the track have broken, batteries have been replaced, but thankfully the cars still run. Of course, the rubber treads were another story.

At first, we had to remove the treads from the front wheels to keep the cars on the track. If the front wheels have treads it drives up and over the edge WAY too easily. Then, over time, the treads broke, or were ripped off by our fascinated little toddler. Of course, some of them were just ripped up. Eventually we ran out of treads. At the fair this past Christmas we were given a few extra treads - which were quickly ripped off. I found a cheap solution even though a thorough internet search provided only one solution: Buy replacement cars ($8.41). I wasn't about to buy new cars however, when the old ones only needed new treads.

Then, I remembered my Dad fixing a similar problem on another car using rubber O-rings from Lowes a few years ago. I grabbed a car and headed off to Lowes with the boys. Thankfully a very helpful employee got me to the right isle, and then proceeded to assist me as we tried several different O-rings. We found them!

The Solution

BrassCraft's O-Rings SC0583 are absolutely perfect replacement treads. They are thick enough that they stick out past the wheels edge, they provide more grip than the other treads did. I occasionally, even with treads on only the back tires, have the cars go up and over the edge. They were only $.45 for a pack of two. (Don't buy them from Amazon - linked in the image below - go to the store and save yourself money!) With taxes is was barely $1 to fix two cars! But that's not the best part! The O-Rings are next to impossible to get off! I had to get my husband to pry them off with a knife. No toddler will be pulling these off anytime soon!

If you are looking at O-Rings from a  different brand - here are the measurements: 9/16" I.D. (13/16" O.D.) x 1/8" Wall.

If you buy this track for your kids I HIGHLY recommend running to pick a few of these up before you even get started. That way you won't be losing treads.

At the thrift store two days later I found a whole set of extra track (track only) for $3! The boys were thrilled!


Nikki said...

Hello. We have a track but have lost the car (it only came with one car). Where did you find the replacement car? I have googled for weeks and cannot find anywhere. Thanks, Nikki

Maggie Muggins said...

Hi Nikki. I have found two versions of the cars for you:

1: http://amzn.to/VKCBTV
2: http://amzn.to/SBCfJp

The Pocoyo Track actually is this same track and their replacement cars would work on your track as well.

Pocoyo: http://amzn.to/QJ4rdr

Dana Thomas said...

THANK YOU!!! My kids (2 & 4 y.o.) destroyed the tires pretty quickly despite my award-worthy nagging that their toy wouldn't work correctly without them. :) Anyway, I just googled for replacement treads and found your blog. Am very excited to use your innovative idea to make their toy like new again! You didn't have to take the time to post your idea/solution so I appreciate your effort very much.

Whirlwind Family said...

Thanks for this idea!

araehl said...

AWESOME!!! You are a genius. My kids LOVE this toy and get frustrated when the wheels keep coming off or the treads wear down because the cars just don't work the same. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Rickie Bradshaw said...

My grandsons are very happy.Grandpa Bradshaw is really happy because of you. Thank you