February 15, 2012

Learning - Because I'm not good at everything.

Last weekend I took a photography class from Nicki Callahan on shooting in Manual Mode. I bought the class on Groupon the minute I saw it. I love photography, but one thing that has overwhelmed me since I got this camera is manual mode. I knew the ins and outs of my last camera so well, but a little  is nothing in comparison to a Canon 40D.

This class was really more of a refresher for me, but last time I learned these things I didn't have this camera, AND a refresher is always worth while. Nicki and her assistants were great. The class was very informative and the hands on at the end was when I REALLY learned better than ever how to use this camera in manual.

I felt a whole lot better after setting up everything on my camera (looking through my manual a few times to do so) and then getting solid black photos. It was so frustrating. Nicki took over on my camera and got a few black photos herself before she reset the F-Stop by scrolling it until it reset itself. Technology! Thankfully I didn't feel like a complete and utter fool.

Here are a few SOOC shots after that:

Nicki Callahan Apple Photo Shoot

Nicki Callahan Manual Mode Photography Class

Is it bad to say that I am now afraid to take it out of manual mode? Lest I forget anything I learned.

This refresher has really got me going again! I love learning new things! It's funny because I think some people think I know everything and can do anything. No I can't. I know how to learn. If I can't do something I search for an answer. If it seems like what I'm doing is taking too much time, I look for a faster, easier way to do it. It's how I work. I really don't know everything, but I love to learn and try everything.

Photography is not the only thing I've taken classes on. Last year I enjoyed learning new scrapbooking techniques with my sister at a Creative Keepsakes convention. We took two classes together and had a blast! Of course by the end of the convention I'd talked so much about the Silhouette I should have set up my own booth for it! Ha ha. I guess it shocks me how many people just haven't heard of it (and I'm not just talking scrapbookers - I'm talking about business owners at the convention - paper designers and many others - it astounded me!)

I look forward to the classes I'm taking next month too. I'm going to learn more sewing techniques at the Sew Expo! Yipee! I love so many crafts and techniques. I wish I had more time in a day just to dedicate towards crafts. But I have many more important things to do in a day first.