January 12, 2012

Hand Towel Makeover

A few months ago I tried out embroidery on my machine. I showed you the cute CTR Towels I made - but I did not show you the hand towel I tested on. I used a light pink thread, font that was too small, and got it in the wrong spot on the towel! Way to go. Seeing as you can barely see it on the back (because light pink was not a good color choice) and to save myself time unpicking the mess - I decided to give the towel a makeover.

Hand Towel Makeover

I pulled out a scrap piece of bubbled fabric from this project. You can head to that link to learn more about TEXTURE MAGIC and how to use it to make your own texturized fabric. Superior Threads makes this awesome product!

This was the biggest piece of the fabric I have so instead of folding it under I covered the raw edges with lace. I have to confess, I have a stash of beautiful Belgian lace that my brother brought home from Belgium for me over 10 years ago! I use it sparingly, but this project called for me to use it.

Lace on Hand Towel

It completely covered my embroidery mistake on the band and was so easy. Seriously folks 6 straight seams! First I sewed on both edges or the textured fabric lace on each side. I sewed along both edges of the lace so that it wouldn't pull up from the towel at all and it also completely covered the raw edge of the fabric for me!

Cookies in a Jar
Photographed with my Cookies in a Jar

I've been using the towel in my kitchen for some time now and it's been washed many times - the fabric is holding up really well and it still looks really good. This is the first time I have used this kind of towel in the kitchen. I love having it there. It's so much better than a dish towel! Have any of you used a bath towel in your kitchen before?

Decorative Hand Towel

*This fabric is Flock in Ocean from the Arcadia collection by Sanae for Moda.