January 2, 2012

Decorative Pillows {Low-Cost Tips}

How many times have you looked at a decorative pillow in a store and thought you can make it for cheaper? Have you priced it out though? Pillow forms at Joann's are not cheap. In fact, after making my own pillows once, I never intended to do it again. It just wasn't worth it. Even if you got them all on sale it is still expensive! Might as well just buy pillows at Target OR Amazon and save myself the work and possibly even some money!

*Note - I realize that you can just buy the poly-fill and stuff the pillows, but I covers that can be taken off and washed. I have little boys, remember?

A while ago I discovered pillow forms at IKEA and realized that I could save a lot of money if I used them. They only have specific sizes, but considering the savings, I was more than willing to sew pillows again.

Joann's 20x20" Pillow form = $18.49  - IKEA's INNER 20x20" Pillow form $2.99
Joann's 14x14" Pillow form = $6.99 - IKEA's IRMA 14x14" Pillow form $1.99

So EVEN IF you bought 2 of each size pillows at Joann's for 40% off with all your coupons you will spend
$33.33 but at IKEA for the same amount of pillows you will spend $10.85 (I'm calculating in WA state taxes). Just about 1/3rd of the price

Of course, let's face it - when you take coupons to Joann's either what you want is already on sale and not as low as 40% off so you can't use any coupons, OR it's not on sale and you only have 1-2 coupons so you pay full price for the rest. Am I right?!

Check out the pillows I made using IKEA's Pillow forms HERE:
Pillow Set