January 3, 2012

Decorative Pillows {Fun Details & A Free Silhouette File}

Pillow Set

I have been wanting to make decorative pillows for a while now, but have been busy with other projects. I decided I wanted to make some after discovering cheap pillow forms at IKEA. I explained that in my previous post, this one is to show you the details of the pillows.

Decorative Pillows Set

I used 6 Fabrics, 5 came from Moda's Hullabaloo line from Urban Chicks, Mostly scraps, but the largest piece is 15x15" inches. Save your coordinating scraps all together for this kind of project...

Decorative Pillows

Heavy white cotton canvas for smaller cases I had already (I used a curtain panel and cut the back on the hem so I had way less sewing to do).

For the applique's I used Pellon's 805 Wonder-Under. I usually buy it a few yards at a time when it's on sale, then I always have it on hand.

Octagon Pillow: 

Octagon Pillow

Octagon Close Up

I ironed on the Wonder-Under to a 4x6" piece of fabric. Then I cut one octagon from each fabric about 2.5 inches in size. I laid them all out on the pillow front and decided the best layout before removing the backing and ironing them in place. After I had them ironed in place, I stitched all the way around each hexagon twice. I wanted this to have a casual feel, so I was not careful with my stitching on any of the pillows. After the applique was finished I sewed the back onto the cover.

Bunting Pillow: 

Scrap Fabric Pillows

Bunting Close Up

Using the pieces left over from the Octagon pillow, I cut out 2-3 triangles from each fabric. The triangles were about 1.5 inches in size. This pillow was inspired by a Cosmetic Bag I saw on Just Another Hangup. ( I love her sewing projects!) I ironed the left side in place and stitched, then the right side. To speed things up I used my free motion quilting foot and dropped the feed dogs. It meant I didn't have to keep turning the fabric, but sadly, I am very inexperienced in this area, so it's REALLY sloppy. Oh well, kind of what I wanted anyways. Again, I stitched every line twice or more to give it a more playful look. After I had the bunting sewn, I finished the pillow cover by sewing on the back.

Want to try the Octagon or Bunting pillows out or make a paper version this? You can download the 12x12" Silhouette Cut file HERE and speed things up. (It's easy to re-size to 8.5x11. Then just use 4x5" scraps of fabric with Silhouette Sewable Interfacing and you can cut several pieces at one time!

Polka-Dot Pillow:

Polka-Dot Pillow

This pillow is 10x10" in size. I wanted the same quality of the other cases that I made, but I did want to use a solid piece of one of the fabrics. I chose the polka-dot, but basted it to the canvas fabric to have a stronger front to the pillow. Then I sewed on the back of the pillow cover. This one was super easy!!! To save money on the insert I used a 14x14" insert from IKEA, cut it down to 10x10" and sewed it back closed.

IKEA Pillow Cover Makeovers

These last two pillows I used IKEA's AINA Cushion Covers (Red 20x20" Cotton-Linen) They were $6.00 each, have nice piping around the edge, and zippers along the bottom. That and they matched my fabric pieces. I knew that because of their size it would be pretty easy to sew something onto the front.

Ruched Ruffle Pillow:

Ruched Ruffle Pillow

Using what I had on hand, I took a 3x34" strip of fabric and gathered both sides. I lined it up a few inches from the edge of the fabric using my cutting ruler and pinned it in place on both sides. I tried to keep the gathers lined up on either side and pinned the other side. Then I sewed the edges and the middle. To match with the other pillows, I sewed all lines twice.

Monogrammed Pillow:

Monogrammed Pillow

Monogrammed Close Up

For the letter on this pillow I used this KaiTi font. In Silhouette I sized it, then printed out the template (it cropped about an inch from the bottom when printed, but I just measured it out. I traced the letter onto the back of the Wonder-Under (in reverse) and ironed it onto the back of the 15x15.5" piece of fabric. Then I cut out the letter, and ironed the outer square on, as well as the inner cut-out from the "P". Then, as with all the other pillows, I stitched the edge of everything twice. It was sloppy stitching too, but meant to be. I like how this takes the classic monogram and makes it more playful to match the rest of the pillows.

Red Pillow Set

That's all! After stuffing in the pillow forms I bundled these up with a large ribbon and delivered them to their new home!


Suzanne said...

I loved every one of your pillows. They are each fabulous! The bunting pillow is adorable -- love the wild and crazy lines -- that's what makes it playful! Thank you also for the feature -- it's appreciated! - Suzanne
{Just Another Hang Up}

Just Jaime said...

Your pillows look great! Thanks for the download!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to learn how to do free motion embroidery on my machine. I love your designs like the bunting above, and I've included this in my blog post http://handmadebyclairebear.com/2012/05/05/sewing-outside-the-lines/ (with a link back to your blog, of course).