December 26, 2011

Make Print & Cut Buttons from Silhouette Shapes {Tutorial}

On Pinterest the other day I saw that someone had pinned these labels from my Cookies in a Jar with the question below: "Does anyone know what design this is in the Sihouette store?"

Silhouette Label

So today I'm going to show you how to make your own Print & Cut Buttons using Silhouette Shapes from their store. This will show you how to make what is pictured above, but once you've learned the techniques the possibilities with this are endless!

How to make Print & Cut Buttons
(Warning: Picture Loaded Tutorial)

 1. Open all shapes up on one page. Shapes I used from the Silhouette Store:
Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 1

2. Up-group both of the shapes and remove pieces shown in picture (those still red). (Ctrl +A, Ctrl+U)

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 2

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 3

3. Select the remaining Flower border and in the Modify toolbar under Compound Paths choose Make. (or Object->Make Compound Path) *Note that this has to be a compound path instead of grouped shapes for Step 6 to work correctly.

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 4

4. Select the Circle shape and in the Replicate toolbar choose Duplicate. (Select Circle, Ctrl+D)

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 5

5. Align the duplicated Circle over the Flowers as you would like it to look.

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 6

6. Select the duplicated Circle and the Flowers and in the Modify toolbar choose Crop.  (or Object->Modify->Crop)

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 7

7. Change the fill colors of the shapes as desired and set line color to none.

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 8

8. Select all the shapes and in the Align toolbar choose Centralize. (or Object->Align->Align-Center-Middle)

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 9

9. Change the order of appearance of the shapes if needed.

*Basically one shape is on top of the other. If you  can't see one of the two circles, you will have to move the other items back until it's all in order. You can do this by selecting one of the shapes, then right-clicking and choosing Send to Back or Send Backward. (or Object->Arrange->Send Backward)  You can also move shapes forward using the same method.

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 10

10. Add text and fill the color as desired with no line color. Center it on the image as needed.

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 11

11. Select all the shapes except the button shape. In the Cut Style toolbar choose No Cut. (This changes makes your only cut line the outermost edge of the image for "Print and Cut".)

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 12

12. Select all shapes and Group them (Ctrl+G).

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 13

13. In the Registration Marks toolbar choose Show Registration Marks.

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 14

*At this point you may wish to test print and cut before duplicating the shapes and printing and cutting a whole bunch.

14. If you want more than one of these shapes you can duplicate the shape (as shown in step 4) or in the Replicate toolbar you can choose Fill Page and easily duplicate and space the shape nicely over the entire page!

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 15

*Note: Replicate AFTER showing the Registration Marks in order to not over-fill the page.

For the cookie jar labels I used White Shipping Labels by Avery (8165). Basically, it's a full sticker sheet you can print on, but it's thick and good quality. The only thing is it is not water-proof, but that didn't matter to me for this project.

Now you've created this image, you can use it for all sorts of projects. Labels, Birthday Parties, Gifts, and so much more.

Make Silhouette Print and Cut Step 16


LDonohue1 said...

Thank you for the tutorial. I will be practicing this weekend. It is just what I wanted to learn on my Silhouette. The Cookie Jars were a great idea and looked so cute.

Just Jaime said...

Great tute! Thanks for sharing!

LDonohue1 said...

Hi Maggie,
I am having trouble with the Crop step. Will the rest of the flower border disappear after Crop step in the directions or do I have to delete and remove the rest of the border. I did follow Step 3 and Make Object
Compound Path. I have never used the Crop Feature before. Thanks new to the Silhouette.

Maggie Muggins said...

Liane. I wish I could email you to reply, but hopefully you will get this comment soon. If the rest of the border does not disappear (it should) then you need to make sure that you are doing two things correctly:
In Step 2 - select ALL pieces of the flower border (it's ungrouped and all of the pieces are separate) you need to have all the bits and pieces selected in order to "Make a Compound Path" of that object.
In Step 3 - make sure that BOTH the flower border and the circle are selected.
An easy way to select in Silhouette Studio is to left click the mouse and drag over everything you want included, then release.
Let me know if you have any more questions.