November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving: Acorns, Family and Traditions

We had a great week. I've completely slacked off on my blog this holiday. I had a lot of ideas to share with you, and just didn't have the time. Time has been well spent organizing and sorting things in my house. I've got to make room for Christmas.

This week my son's preschool had a Thanksgiving Feast. We were all asked to bring something to share. I looked online for something cute that he could help make. On Monday night for our Family Night activity we made these adorable acorn doughnut holes. You can find the simple instructions for these here from Six in the Suburbs. The kids loved making them.

Acorn Doughnut Holes

This week my parents visited. I think it's ironic that we had Americans over for Canadian Thanksgiving last month and this month we had Canadians over for American Thanksgiving. It's so cute to watch our kids with their grandparents and how enraptured they are with them. I especially enjoyed singing the kids to sleep with my Dad. It was special to sing some of the songs (that are my kids favorites) and think of how my Grandma sang them to my Dad, and how things that we love can span generations. I also enjoyed a night out shopping with my Mom. She got her hair cut, and we had some fun chats. I think we both needed that time together.

This morning - knowing that I would have to spend a few hours cooking in the kitchen we brought out the ultimate distraction. I've decided to make it a tradition every Thanksgiving. In January Target was having their Christmas Clearance sale. It was the last day of the sale, everything was marked 75% off and I worried there might not be much left. I scored big time - but I nearly squealed when I saw this toy on the shelf:

That's right, a Remote Controlled Polar Express Train! Original price: $59.99, purchased for $14.99! I grabbed it (last one on the shelf) and practically ran from the store after purchasing it. It's been tucked away all year long, waiting for Christmas to come. This morning we brought it out. The boys still haven't stopped playing with it. (Although sharing is a little bit of an issue.) Every year on Thanksgiving the train is coming out. It was truly magical to see them play with it, jump for joy and squeal "It's working! It's working!" when it finally started.

We had an awesome dinner with lots of yummy food. With a table surrounded by family and all sorts of fun to be had I have to say it was a great Holiday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Love, Laughter, and of course, good food! Happy Holidays everyone!