November 25, 2011

Thank-You Cookies In a Jar

After the Workshop I helped plan last month I promised to give you more details on the crafts we did. Today I'm going to show you the cookies in a jar.

Cookies in a Jar

Unfortunately, this activity was too far from Christmas so the only way to purchase Christmas M&M's was online. That was just way to expensive so I purchased the colored ones from Costco and sorted them out! It was a lot of work sorting out 4 bags (56oz each) of M&M's but the price was way better! I mixed the Red and Green, then also used solid blue and solid yellow. Matching those with a coordinating Christmas fabric on top made the colors work! All I had left over were Orange and Brown M&M's. So I used those to make Thank-you jars for the teachers of the workshop. My son's pre-school teacher happens to be getting one as well.

The recipe I found and used was the Cowgirl Cookies from Bakerella. I liked the look of these jars because there are more layers and texture than others have. Seeing as there is no need to post the recipe twice just click on the link to get it and follow her instructions to the letter. The only change is the first time we made the recipe it was really dry so we added another 1/4 cup of melted butter. The next times we made it we didn't need the extra butter?! They are awesome cookies! Below I'll fill you in on some other tips.

Cookies in a Jar Tips

The Jars
I could not find the smooth jars (Ball 62500) locally so I purchased Kerr 0505 for a really great price and because it only has the marking on one side I put the labels on the smooth side!

Buying Bulk
If you are making a large amount of these the amount of supplies needed were pretty easy to figure out. Measure each item out, weigh it and multiply that by the amount you want to make. Almost everything you purchase has a weight on it, so you can get pretty close to the size you want.

The Funnel
Dumping the flour into a jar is not the easiest task. Especially when you're not using the wide-mouth jars. I pulled out my Canning Funnel for the job. It has a much wider mouth than your usual funnel and makes things much easier. If you don't have one, you can also make a paper funnel or make one with a slightly wider mouth from a plastic bottle. (You'll want to have a few if you're making this as an activity.)

Canning Funnel

The Packing
When the directions say to pack it in tightly, it's not just a tap the bottom of the jar kind of pack. It's push it all down as tight as you can tight. It won't all fit unless you pack it really tight - and for this you will need something to stick in the jar to press down on each layer. The only thing I had on hand was a spray bottle with a flat circular bottom (about 2-3" around). A pestle would have been perfect but I don't have one, and most aren't long enough to get that first layer packed tight. Look around at what you have. A narrow bottle, tall spice jar, vinegar bottle, etc. I also noticed after finishing all of them that the Delta Creative 8 oz. Acrylic paint bottles are the perfect size around as well. Whatever you use, just wash the bottom before using it!

Packing Tight

The Labels
I made in Silhouette Studio and did print and cut on the Silhouette. I used White Shipping Labels by Avery (8165) so they would be like stickers instead of having to stick paper on. We did "Cookies for Santa" labels on the Workshop jars and then on these ones I just put "Thanks". I wanted it simple, and it is perfect timing to hand them out with Orange and Brown M&M's for Thanksgiving! I loved the Christmas ones, but I think these Thanksgiving versions are even more cute!
*For those Silhouette users interested in these labels - I will have a tutorial showing you exactly how to make them soon!

Silhouette Label

The Fabric
Just in case you were wondering - the beautiful fabric on the Thanksgiving Jars is Tranquil Orange from Moda's Arcadia line.

Cookies in a Jar

These make really cute gifts year round. I confess we've used two of the jars for the cookies since I made them. It's so much easier to use than mixing the whole thing. (As a side note, I'm not sure if it was the fact that my husband used a mixer, or that blue M&M's just run easily, but the dough for those cookies was not pretty.)


Steph said...

These turned out super cute! Thanks for sharing :)