November 23, 2011

It Arrived!

My husband came upstairs to ask me a quick question. "There's a package at the door from Expressions Vinyl, is that the company you bought the Cameo from?"

Cameo Arrived!

Eep. I have barely had time to unpack it, but I'm thrilled to welcome a Silhouette Cameo to my list of crafting tools!

Question is - will the Cameo be more fun for me than it's box will be for my son?!

Box from the Cameo


-Candi said...

WOOHOO!!! I've had mine for about a month and adore it. Do note many have had blade issues (rachet system is a mess, Silhouette claims to be looking into alternatives) so don't get frustrated if it's not a dream out of the box... also if you're not familiar with it yet check out this message board, the ladies are wonderful and are so helpful!

Cant' wait to see what you make with it, right now downloads are on sale for 50cents in the Silhouette store and there are coupon codes such as PAPER for 40% off all accessories online too!