October 21, 2011

Friday Feature: Bridget's Sketchbook

I feel like I know Bridget even though I've only briefly met her. She is one of my best friend's sisters and she is one talented girl. Trust me. I've seen her work over time. I think the first thing I saw was a darling little mini-book she made for her niece. It was adorable and I wanted it. Recently Bridget has been blowing me away.

Look at these gorgeous hand-painted shoes Bridget made for her sister. Amazing! Kind of jealous.

And then when her brother needed an image for a contest he turned to her. I NEED this image. I want it on a shirt for my boys. I want to hang it in their room too. My INNER GEEK LOVES this.

Of course, when you see her BLOG you'll be blown away too. She designed her own blog header, has a great design on the blog and the most exciting news for all of you is that she recently opened her own Etsy Shop with amazing originals and prints of animals and more - she has many images to choose from.

Actually, I take that back. Here's the exciting news: Her first 5 customers are getting a free 8x10 print from her shop with their order. It looks like she still has 3 left to give away - wait, are you still here? Hello?

I think this has to be one of my favorite prints from her shop right now:

Well, go on then. Get over there and check out here amazing work. Stop by her blog too and let her know how talented she is. She doesn't know I'm posting this! (Surprise!!)

I have been wanting to do Feature Friday's for a while, but haven't because I don't want you all to expect it every week. It most likely won't be, but just to keep things in order for myself features will only happen on Fridays.


Bridget said...

How sweet! Leslie Ann just sent me the link and I have to say that I am tickled! This was so nice! Thank you so much for highlighting my blog and etsy shop.
Just to let you know, there is one free print left on my shop. And I have put up prints of the Android and Me image.