October 31, 2011

We're all safely home and the kids are tucked into bed. The trick? Sewing 4 Halloween costumes! The Treat? Seeing all my boys having so much fun in their costumes. Last year one of the parents matched with each kid and it was so much fun we had to do it again. This year we went for a family theme. Planned mainly by my eldest son who was so proud to have us all so coordinated. Of course, at 4 it is something to be proud of. I'm quite certain a few years of growing will stop that train dead in it's tracks.

I present to you the Never Land Pirates:

Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Captain Hook

Never Land Pirates

Fortunately this Captain Hook is not so fearsome. The boys were quite willing to go marauding with him.

Hook, Jake and Cubby

Captain Hook and Izzy have joined forces and will be plundering away some well deserved treasures this evening!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

P.S. Where's Waldo?

By the way. I DO NOT force my husband to dress up for Halloween. I ask him every year if he likes my idea and he runs with it -and even helps me out at times. I LOVE that he is not ashamed to dress up with his kids. I LOVE HIM!

October 21, 2011

I feel like I know Bridget even though I've only briefly met her. She is one of my best friend's sisters and she is one talented girl. Trust me. I've seen her work over time. I think the first thing I saw was a darling little mini-book she made for her niece. It was adorable and I wanted it. Recently Bridget has been blowing me away.

Look at these gorgeous hand-painted shoes Bridget made for her sister. Amazing! Kind of jealous.

And then when her brother needed an image for a contest he turned to her. I NEED this image. I want it on a shirt for my boys. I want to hang it in their room too. My INNER GEEK LOVES this.

Of course, when you see her BLOG you'll be blown away too. She designed her own blog header, has a great design on the blog and the most exciting news for all of you is that she recently opened her own Etsy Shop with amazing originals and prints of animals and more - she has many images to choose from.

Actually, I take that back. Here's the exciting news: Her first 5 customers are getting a free 8x10 print from her shop with their order. It looks like she still has 3 left to give away - wait, are you still here? Hello?

I think this has to be one of my favorite prints from her shop right now:

Well, go on then. Get over there and check out here amazing work. Stop by her blog too and let her know how talented she is. She doesn't know I'm posting this! (Surprise!!)

I have been wanting to do Feature Friday's for a while, but haven't because I don't want you all to expect it every week. It most likely won't be, but just to keep things in order for myself features will only happen on Fridays.

October 20, 2011

Thanks so much to Courtney from A Diamond in the Stuff for this idea. Of course, it's all over now, because it's so cute.

I picked up my supplies at the Dollar Store when I picked up the supplies for the Monster Wreaths. $1 for the Frame, $2 for 2 bags of Googly Eyes, yellow hot glue I had at home and the rest of the supplies too.

I left the frame silver because I was too lazy to get out the paint. (Plus my son would then have HAD to help paint and I was most definitely to lazy to clean that mess up!)

As I hot glued the eyes using some old yellow sticks I messed up a few times and got too much glue - so it popped out around the eyes. I decided I liked that look better than the silver frame showing through, plus the texture of it was cool - kind of like it was slime or something. I kind of wish I used Glow in the Dark Hot Glue to creep it up a little. Yes i just wrote "creep it up". Mwa ha ha ha!

Googly Eyes and Slime

And after my husbands comment at the dinner table "I just saw one of the eyes move" I had to put this quote in the frame:

Googly Eye Frame

I also made a version that says "I've got my eyes on you!" I put both version in a PDF file for you to download for FREE! You can get it HERE. Of course, as per usual this file is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. By downloading it you agree to the terms.

I AM watching YOU!

For another cute decoration I popped one of my boys pumpkins on the base my cloche that I made.

i AM watching You Frame

October 19, 2011

I have the funnest friends. Last week after lunch with a friend of mine, we made some magnetic spiders. She found the idea on Delia Creates. A trip to Target supplied us with Spiders. They weren't even rings, so we didn't have to cut the ring off!

We used magnets from Wal-Mart. Next time I'll use smaller magnets so the spiders look better, but these turned out good enough. We glued them on with E6000 but I've had several fall off so I'm thinking Liquid Nails or Super Glue might have been better?

Spiders were quickly crawling all over. It's kind of creepy to have them all over the kitchen. I think I will be moving them to my door soon. They can join the monster wreaths out there.

Spiders on the Door

After we finished the spiders we headed over to a friends house. Her husband has a pest control business. I know. Ha ha ha. We attacked her door with the spiders. I used a piece of cheese cloth for a web look and printed the sign "Spook Attack". Then we let the kids have at it.

Spook Attack

Of course, we were a little too obvious and we got caught. The point was for the kids to have fun doing something good together so getting caught really wasn't a big deal!

Caught in the Attack

Want to try your own Spook Attack? Here is the sign I made for you to download and print! Print it on fun colored paper, or just on white to blend. Have fun!

Please come back and let me know if you did it. I'd love to hear your Spook Attack stories.

I'm linking up this post to Get Your Craft On Tuesday at Today's Creative Blog.

October 18, 2011

I got this idea from the Family Fun Magazine. Their Fur-ocious Wreath was so cool I had to try it. Of course, my version ended up looking less creepy monster and more cute cookie monster, but the kids love it and that is all that matters to me. I figured I could do it for less money if I bought my supplies at the dollar store instead of JoAnns. Inspired by I am Momma Hear Me Roar - I headed to the Dollar Store for a Toilet Seat Cover. I figured it worked well for her awesome viking costume, so it would work for the wreath as well. No luck. Instead I picked up the wreath frames, a green scarf, an orange microfiber rag, and some googly eyes.

Supplies for Wreaths
(You'll see what I did with the other stuff later this week!)

The cloth I wrapped around the smaller wreath frame, and cut on the inside using a similar method to Family Fun the hot glued pieces in place.

Cloth and Wreath Frame

Cutting for Wreath

The scarf I wrapped around and stitched in the back to hold it in place, hot gluing only at the end of the scarf. I only trimmed off a small part of the scarf. The eyes I kept simple. I might go back and add more and teeth in the middle (using white cardstock) to make it a little meaner, but the result was fun. My son immediately dubbed it the Cookie Monster.

Monster Wreaths

Halloween Monster Wreaths

I think this is the first year I've actually decorated for Halloween with more than a pumpkin and I'm glad I did. The kids really love it and so do I!

I'm linking up this post to Get Your Craft On Tuesday at Today's Creative Blog.

October 17, 2011

Wondering where I disappeared to? I know I said I'd be back, I know it's been over 2 weeks. BUT I had a huge event to plan for, and a family to take care of too. A few months ago I got called to be a counselor in Relief Society, the one over extra activities. This last month has been especially busy as we've prepared for our Super Saturday. We decided to cut back on the crafts and add classes in so we called it a Woman's Workshop instead.

The Workshop was given a simple theme "UP". Something that was both fun, spiritual, and easy to incorporate. You see, I've learned that a theme makes advertising much easier, and gets people more excited about the big day. 

For the invitation I used a Hot Air Balloon Scrapbook Kit. It fit perfectly with the UP theme.

UP Themed Workshop Invitation

The classes ran every 45 minutes, with the teachers advised to take 30 minutes and give a good break in between. We had 3 classes each block and ran a few of them twice so there were 6 classes total. If I do this again, I will only run 2 classes each block as we did not have very big classes. The classes ran in smaller rooms in the building and we set up the gym for lunch, crafts and set up a quilt to tie and donate.

Below is a list of the classes that we had - for more information or a better description (if you are planning a Workshop yourself) you can go to the blog post here.

My team (Activities Committee) was awesome. Two sisters took over the food (Cafe Rio Pulled Pork Salad) and did a fabulous job! It was amazing! The Pulled Pork was a perfect make ahead meal. They did two large batches of pork (my Mom's recipe) and most of the sides suggested on this site.

Another sister care of the nursery and got some really fun brethren in there to watch the kids. All helped set up and with decorations. Honestly, I could not have done a single thing without them. What an amazing group for me to work with! For the decorations we kept it VERY simple. White tablecloths with helium filled balloons (one yellow, one pink) on each table. There were also signs matching the invitation on the doors to let people know where the classes were. It looked really cute without being over the top.

Lastly, we had some simple, but cute crafts. Traditionally Super Saturday's have had lots of crafts and simple things you can make as Christmas gifts. In keeping with that we decided to make Cookies in a Jar and little Hot Chocolates in a Jar. (I'll have more on each of these soon.)

Hot Chocolate and Cookies in a Jar

We also did a Family Message Board. I made the vinyl for this on my Silhouette and it was simple to cut. I will also post more about this craft soon. I was absolutely in love with one girl's frame. She made it black, with white edges and white polka dots. It was adorable! This idea came from this blog here, where she used an IKEA cabinet door and left the back open.

Family Vinyl Message Board

My sweet Relief Society President gave a great message before lunch and made a fabulous take-home handout with little messages from all of the classes. The magnetic pocket and tags (made on the Silhouette) were so adorable and everyone loved them!

Magnetic Pocket

Magnetic Pocket

I really think this turned out great. There are a few things I would do differently - and I will have extras of the crafts for the day of (there were a few people who wished they had ordered some crafts). It was fun though. Great classes by awesome teachers, fun socializing, good food, and a good message.

Now to make thank-you's for all my amazing helpers (especially my awesome husband who was there helping out the entire time).
The Silhouette Cameo has shipped to stores. Dont' know about all of you, but I'm wishing I had a store nearby that sold them. I am patiently waiting for mine. If you are looking - they are available to order HERE for $269.95 with free shipping!!! Can't wait!

October 2, 2011

I'm back. I'm sorry I've neglected my blog for so long, but things in life have gotten completely out of hand. I'm busy with my church calling, my husband with his, and we have just been away to visit family. Our home looks more neglected than ever and while you would think that having a son in preschool means more time for Mommy, thus far it has not been so. My days are so full.

I've been wanting to show you more photos from this maternity photo shoot that I did last month. Hope you all enjoy!

I tried to include the path to show that the journey has only begun.
The Journey is Only Beginning

More Tenderness

Laying Down

This one came out beautifully in color, but I love how it looks in Sepia.
Kisses from Daddy

The lighting was so fantastic in this shot - This one, and the next, are actually Straight Out Of Camera!


Poor Dad, I put him through a lot of cheesy poses, but I still think they turned out great. You should have seen his face in some of the shots though! Ha ha.

Dad Holding Belly


My favorite one again, this time with a little wording added. I saw this on Pinterest and just had to try it out.
Waiting for You

This last one I really like as well. It was beautiful SOOC but I couldn't help but try different colors out on it. This was my favorite look:
Mother at Dock

I'll be back everyone. I have a lot of great things to share with you. Crafts and photos and more! This month is going to be a whirlwind for me, but I promise I have not disappeared.