September 8, 2011

Faux Silk Pintucked Curtains - Inspired by Pottery Barn and Cindy Crawford

I spent a long time searching for curtains that would be perfect for my living and dining room. An extremely long time. First I had to decide what colors I liked, then what style, then what length. We have a vaulted ceiling in the living room and a wall full of windows. Because of the orientation of that room and the tall windows I would often find myself closing the blinds to prevent glare on my eyes only to realize that it was coming through the upper window and they needed to be covered too. Of course, that meant I needed to get 4 curtains that were 108" long!

(Here is my house on any given real day - no staging for blog photos.)

Without Curtains

Without Curtains

But wait, I also wanted to do curtains to match in the dining room. So add on 5 more 84" curtains.

I wanted these or these at Pottery Barn (of course I love the expensive ones) - but the $900 total made me gag. There was no way. I could make something similar for a fraction of that cost.


Pottery Barn Drapes I wanted

I searched all sorts of different companies for just the right look of silk. Faux silk of course. There were few options that had 108" long drapes and none that met my price tag. I gave up looking.

Then I found these Cindy Crawford curtains at JC Penny. I thought the ivory ones would work great and the price was awesome (at the time they came out to just under $200). BUT when I got them in my house I knew it was all wrong. The ivory was too yellow, the fabric was too light and they just looked terrible. But I still really liked the style.


Cindy Crawford Drapes I tried

Then I realized I could buy cheap faux silk curtains in the longest length possible and combine the Pottery Barn and Cindy Crawford looks. I bought these curtains in bone & slate blue from K-Mart. Then I got to work. I measured, I cut, I was ready. It took months years to get them done. First, I left the table to go to the bathroom, and in 2 minutes my son cut right into one of the curtains. Right in the middle, right where I could not save it. Agh. I had to pick up a new curtain. Then, I forgot my measurements, then I had a baby. So finally nearly two years later I finished the curtains!!!! Total cost, just over $200! (Made me want to go back to Bed Bath and Beyond and tell the guy who told me I couldn't get THAT many curtains for under $400 to take a look.) Tutorial to come!!! By the way - this is the first time you're seeing my new couches! I LOVE THEM!


 Curtains I Made

Curtains I Made

Curtains I Made

Curtains I Made

(Close up of the Pintucks - you can see that I kept the linings the same colors so if it flipped forward it looked right.)
Pintucks on Curtains

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