July 29, 2011


Today, instead of sharing some craft, some thoughtful post, or my latest project (which I can't wait to show you) I'm going to share what's on repeat at my home today. It's one of those days that I need a loud, motivational song going. So Jumpstart from These Kids Wear Crowns (an awesome group that my brother went to high-school with) is playing as loud as my computer speakers will allow. My four-year-old is also making me sing along. Darn. At least he's not screaming at me not to sing.

This is not their actual video, which I've heard is awesome but I can't find online. If you have the link, please send it, I'd love to see it. This Lyrics version is pretty cool too though.

I also love some of their other songs (but I haven't listened to everything, so don't get offended if they have anything appropriate). If you like Jumpstart you should really check out their music.