July 14, 2011

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party

Disney's newest preschooler show is becoming really popular for for the young Disney audience! I've posted about a lot of the details of my son's Jake and the Never Land Pirates Birthday Party, but I'm going to give one last brief overview of the party here with links to the past posts.

The Invitation

Find out more about the invitation here.

The Food

Pirate Pizza

Simple Pirate Table Setting

Sea Animal Cupcakes and Pirate Ship Cake

Chocolate Pops
Pirate Ship Chocolate Pop

The Activities

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Telescope

Pirate Party Treasure Hunt
(The Perfect Moment to Toss a Few "Gold Doubloons")

Treasure Chest

The Wardrobe

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Headband

I made Jake's Vest and Bag for my son too.

The Goodies

and Compasses
Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Map

Pixie Dust Pouches

There we have it. Now it's all in one place. Soon I have will post about the Vest I made for my son and Jake's Treasure Hunting Bag, but those will be another day my friends. I have a lot of things going on and am super busy!

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Anonymous said...

I love all your ideas! TY It'll help in organizing my son's party this month! :-) Heather

Kate said...

Did you ever post directions for the vest? I'm doing a Jake party in a week and would love to make my little guy a vest!