July 20, 2011

Comfort & Peace {Free Silhouette File}

A Reminder that I'm Blessed.

Last week in a buffet restaurant a young 13 year-old boy ahead of us in line got out of hand. He spit in the cashier's face, threw a glass plate that shattered everywhere, and as his mother and younger sister forcefully escorted him out, he spat again (towards my son) and then grabbed my arm and dug in, scratching and hurting me. I think he was trying to get away from his mom and sister by using me as an anchor. At least, at the time that is how it seems.

I was holding our youngest boy in the very arm that this young boy grabbed. It has been days now and I still have the massive bruises as evidence of his vice-like grip. While I was in pain, and the staff of the restaurant were in shock, luckily my children were unharmed. It is a blessing that the boy grabbed me and not my nearly two-year-old.

The employee at the restaurant was so upset and worked up and some of the patrons there followed the family out, discovering a man waiting in the car for them.

The police were called to report the incident and we went and ate. It was the talk of the employees the entire time we were there. And yet, somehow I remained calm. I had a wounded arm but my problem was nothing in comparison to what this mother had (and yet has) to deal with.

Now before you get all worked up about this, let me explain something. The young girl came back to apologize and explain that her brother was handicapped. That was her explanation, not mine. What his problem was, I will never know. But even before I knew that he had something wrong with him my heart was filled with compassion for the mother. Even more so after I heard what the daughter had to say, and then even more so when I heard that the man (who was assumed to be her husband) that brought them, didn't even accompany her in to the restaurant. What?! Yes, this young man's behavior was  inappropriate, but knowing what it's like to deal with an almost two-year-old who can't contain himself sometimes, I couldn't begin to imagine how much harder it would be when the child was 13!

I can't imagine her trials, I can't imagine what her life must be like, and I can't imagine her pain and embarrassment at that moment. I am sure she needed a night off (and thus, they were out to eat). I am sure she needed some arms thrown around her to comfort her and lift her up and I pray that they came. But I worry that they didn't.

We all have our trials, but many of us are blessed with comfort and peace. My comfort and peace comes from my friends, my family, my husband, and most importantly my Father in Heaven, who constantly comforts and uplifts me in trial. I am truly blessed.

If I could find that mother I would make her a card, take her some flowers and let her know that I have been praying for her. Instead, I'm posting this free file for all of you - so that you can make the card and take the flowers and give that needed hug to those that you know need it.

Comfort & Peace

I actually think this would be really cute in black vinyl wrapped around a vase filled with flowers! Or framed by another shape and used as a Print & Cut. If you use the file please take pictures and send them to me - or post them in my Flickr Group. Get the file HERE.

*This file is for personal use only. Feel free to link to this post directly, but this file is not to be shared or distributed in any other way.*


Jody said...

I am touched by your compassion for the mother. We as a society are so quick to jump to conclusions and get offended, that we forget there is always more to a story than we may ever know. I will pray for her as well....

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Your reaction is really wonderful. I always tell my kids that we never know what goes on in the lives of others ... how blessed that family is that you are so quick to understand and forgive.

I love the idea of wrapping vinyl around the vase ... I'll definitely be using it. Thank you so much!

susan Vigansky said...

As I was reading your story I immediately thought the boy likely had Autism. I have a now 23 year old son with Autism and though he never did anything like what you experienced we have had our public "moments". Thank you for being so compassionate, most people have no idea what parents with handicapped children go through.