June 30, 2011

Organization For My Mind

I have a hard time sorting through papers and getting rid of them. Mail, magazines, paperwork, bills, memories, photos, you name it gets piled up around my house. It gets everywhere. My desk, my kitchen counter, my bed, my nightstand and dresser. Really, it's like sand from the sandbox getting all over my house. It seems like I constantly have a pile to sort through. One fine Sunday morning when I searched for two hours for my primary manual (I'm currently teaching the Valiant 10 age) I decided it was time to fight this clutter if only for my own sanity. I wanted things to have a place for them to actually be there.

I've told you before about Power of Moms but I don't know if you've heard of their Mind Organization for Moms program. I have been wanting to take a look at it. After that fateful Sunday I knew it was finally time to take a look. I went to WalMart and stocked up on organizational things. The nice part is they have a shopping list for you! It was invigorating!

That afternoon I went around the house and gathered. I had a laundry hamper overflowing with papers to sort. It nearly killed me!

Well, I labeled, I sorted and I trashed a whole lot of stuff. Year-old receipts floating around your house anyone? In the end, I finally got that huge pile down to a minimal pile of things to yet sort and question my husband about.

Mind Organization for Moms In Action

I have to confess since then I have been doing a whole lot more organizing. I've tackled the books, the toys, the desk, reorganized a few rooms and generally overall feel a whole lot more together. It's not the easiest thing to start and I confess I sometimes get behind on my papers, but I have had few moments since then of wondering where some vital paper has disappeared to.

Feeling like you need to get organized? I found a great article on Power of Moms about Organizing to Match Your Style. Seriously, it's worth it to be organized folks. I have way more time for other things!