June 22, 2011

One Loaded Diaper Bag {The Maggie Bag}

You have probably seen it before. The infomercials where they pull everything out of a bag and it just keeps coming and coming. Not going to happen here, don't worry. It's just that as I prepared for my first solo flight I couldn't resist grabbing a photo of all of the junk I was stuffing into my bag. The funny thing is this was not the first time it's held more than I ever expected it to. Like for example, the time I stuffed it with two bags of Costco Rolls (yes two)! Or, when we were at Great Wolf Lodge and it hold our clothes and snacks, for our family of four! I tell you it's really not THAT big of a bag, but somehow it's capacity is beyond what I expected.

Take this trip for example. I was washing my bag so I didn't just stuff it like I normally do. Instead I set everything for my bag on the counter as I packed. When it was finally time to load it all in I stood back and stared in horror. Don't worry - The water was all gone before security. I've never filled my bag this way remember? So I began to truly wonder if everything would fit.

Everything In The Bag

I don't think I ever showed you MY diaper bag. I've been using it for over a year now, so I'm kind of surprised I haven't. Well, here it is empty:

The Empty Diaper Bag

And then I filled it up:

The Maggie Bag Stuffed

And just in case you're thinking "Ha Maggie! You didn't quite get it ALL in!" Nope. That water bottle sat perfectly right across the top there. But I kept it out for this picture:

The Maggie Bag At Capacity

And really, don't worry about my back. This was hanging on my stroller not my shoulder as I walked chased my son through the airport.


Amanda said...

Your bag looks great! I'm always amazed at how much my bags can hold, I'm sure I don't 'need' it all, but I feel better just knowing it's all close at hand!