June 1, 2011

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party - The Activities

The party began with our little Pirates and Pixies arriving. I as so pleased to see the kids had dressed up for the party! My son was even more excited as his Buccaneer friends arrived. Thanks to my amazing husband we had several fun activities planned.

While I did last minute food preparations my husband whipped up several balloon swords! (He learned how to do them just for this party - isn't he awesome!) The best part was somehow, despite being the largest person in the room, the kids felt safest attacking him with the swords. It was quite entertaining to watch him attempt to create a balloon sword while being attacked by 4 or 5 of them at the same time! Anyhow the kids had a great time sword fighting while waiting for their lunch.

You can find instructions all over for Balloon Swords, but this site has simple directions.

After eating the kids played for a while so that I could clean up and get things ready for their next activity. Then we made their telescopes! These are super easy to make and you can download the free printable from disney.go.com - there's a whole activity book!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Telescope

Once they had their telescopes ready, we armed the kids with little compasses and their own personalized Treasure Maps. I said a few lines of silly rhyming treasure hunting clues and then they set out on their treasure hunt.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Map
{I'll have a post up about these Treasure Maps soon}

Their treasure hunt involved finding places on their maps and once they found them "Gold Doubloons" appeared as if by magic (my husband had a bunch stashed in his pocket and would toss a few at each spot). Finally, they discovered the treasure and brought it home to divide the loot!

Treasure Chest

My husband built the treasure chest from a kit he found at Lowes! He also stuffed it to the brim from things he found at the Dollar Store. He rocks!

After quickly opening awesome gifts from his dear friends we blew out candles and ate some cake and ice cream! It was so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I´m from Argentina and my 4 years daughter LOVES Jake. Her birthday is in March but I am looking for some good ideas to start working in the party.
Thank You for sharing your work!