June 7, 2011

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party - Jake's Headband {Free Pattern & Tutorial}

Did you see this stack of red bandannas underneath the treasure map in my recent post? 

Jake's Headband for the 

My son wanted to dress like Jake for his party. Jake has a red headband. (It's a rolled bandanna look.) so I grabbed some red fabric from my closet, whipped up a pattern quickly. I cut out two pieces of fabric, thinking I would sew them together, then flip it right side out and top stitch. Then I remembered I had red thread for my Serger AND that I had figured out how to do a tighter overlock stitch. So I made two headbands instead of one. It was so fast and easy that I decided to make 6 more for the rest of the kids!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates 

And just because I can't not share, I decided to share the pattern with you - for FREE! You can download the pattern HERE or click on the image below.

 Jake's Headband Tutorial


Red Fabric
Red Thread


1. Print the pattern with the printer set to "Borderless". Cut out Part A and B. 
2. Overlap Part B with Shaded Area of Part A and tape or glue.
3. Place the Pattern on the fold of fabric where marked, pin and cut. If you follow the Grainline arrow direction the band will have more give lengthwise (in other words the fabric will stretch the length of the band, but not the width).
4. Serge the entire length of both sides of the Headband. For a tighter satin look reduce the stitch length to your smallest setting. *If you don't have a Serger, use a tight zig-zag stitch on your machine, or straight stitch at 1/8" from edge to prevent too much fraying. 

Adjusting the Pattern Length:
You can adjust the length of the headband just by adjusting the overlap. The given length will fit up to an adult. I liked that everyone in our house could wear it!

The best part of this pattern is you can try it on before sewing and adjust it without having to cut out a new one. Just fold it in the center again, lay the adjust pattern on top, place on the fold where marked again then pin and trim the end!

This can also be used for a Blindfold, a Headband for Girls, Arm Bands for Fun Games, and so much more!


Unknown said...

I know a little someone who can't get enough of that show! Might have to whip one of these up for her! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm really hoping I'm not the only one that can sing along to the themesong....

Ryan and Amanda said...

Maggie! I love your idea for your son's birthday party. My boy is turning 3 next Friday and we are throwing him a superhero party. He and his friends are getting capes. You should do a post on a superhero party thing = can you tell I need some more ideas?