April 17, 2011

My Boys Today

Today in his primary class my son was apparently leaning so far forward in his chair that he tipped right over and landed on his forehead! That boy can NOT sit still!

The younger one has taken it upon himself to call me Daddy. I'm not really sure why, except perhaps early rebellion. He knows who I am, he knows what to call me, and yet after 2 hours without me - we're finally reunited and he shouts with joy "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" (whilst in his Father's arms). I think said Dad is keen on encouraging it a little, because he was the recipient of the mistaken identity joke more than 6 months ago, and no Dad appreciates being called "Mommy". That boy has a STUBBORN streak!

Yesterday my husband came home, after only a short over-night trip to CA. I missed him so much and was so glad to have him back. I think the cutest thing though, was the exultant giggle in the back of the car followed by a happy boy sighing "Daddy!" when we finally met him at the airport. Today he let me sleep in. It was nearly three extra hours of glorious sleep. (Don't worry, he let's me sleep in often enough.) It was so sweet to listen to him playing with the boys as I woke. They LOVE him and he is such an awesome Husband and Father.

I LOVE my boys.