April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools!

April Fools Day has always been a significant day in my life. When I was younger it was filled with all sorts of pranks and fun activities. But it was also the day my siblings and I united our musical talents, formed a band, and came up with all sorts of odd songs throughout the years. We weren't one-hit-wonders, we were annual-catastrophes! You see, on this day, many years ago, my parents were married! (No, this is not a prank, it's really their wedding day.)

When they got engaged and started planning their wedding in the Cardston, AB Temple, and the long treck it would take to get there, the one and only long weekend they had, due to work schedules, and family schedules, was on April Fools. My Mom used to joke that their friends didn't believe it when they got the invitations! I wouldn't be surprised if in some cases that were true.

Cardston Temple

I consider this day to be truly special for multiple reasons, the most obvious of which I have no need to state. My parents taught us so profoundly by their example. My Mother, whose mother was not LDS, and whose father had not attended the church since his childhood, struggled with the heartache she knew she was causing her parents. She wanted them to be there with her, but ultimately wanted them to know that her faith was important to her, that her husband and her were worthy to marry in the Temple, and that she would not let hurt feelings stand between her and her faith. She taught us to stand for what was right, to be obedient, and to Love the Lord. She taught us to communicate within a marriage, and to always work to make it better, even when it's going good.

My Father, who as a young man joined the church, served a mission and strived to find a worthy young woman to marry, taught us profoundly about marriage. He is one of the most humble, serving men I know. He has served, and continues to serve my Mother in so many quiet ways that I am only now, as a young married mother, beginning to understand. I remember the romantic teenage version of me thinking he needed to buy her more flowers, and cards. Little did I understand the other more important ways he showed his love. Today while I was sick, and my own dear husband took the kids out shopping with him so I could have some much needed rest, I was especially thankful for my Dad's example - thanks to him, I knew what to look for in a man.

I am so grateful for this day, despite all the crazy pranks that are played annually. It is the day my parents said yes to an eternity forever. Thank-you Mom and Dad for all you have taught us. Sorry for all the crazy songs we sang to you over the years.


Colleen said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks, Mom and Dad.