April 24, 2011

Easter Lessons

Yesterday we had a family outing. It was so fun and glorious. I love my family.
Yesterday our son disappeared on the train ride. Just long enough for my heart to race and the prayers to begin. They were answered so quickly.
Yesterday the other son got his fingers rolled up into the window. We were in the middle of nowhere, without ice, without stores nearby for miles. His only comfort was a Priesthood Blessing, and it immediately calmed him and comforted him. I am so grateful for my husband, who honors his Priesthood.
Today my husband made Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast and played with the boys. He is so good to me.
Today my boys got up around 6am and were so full of energy and I was not. They humble me.
Today I taught a lesson at church to a bunch of girls who couldn't sit still. I chastised them and was impatient with them. I felt bad after. I really do love them with all my heart.
Today I could barely wait for my children to come off the chocolate high and go to sleep. I shouldn't spoil them so much.
Today I was reminded of the love the Lord has for us. He forgives when we can't, he lifts us up when we can't go farther, and he loved us in a way I can't even begin to understand. I am so glad he's so patient with me, because it's taking me a long time to learn the lessons He has for me. I am so blessed, and so often forget it.
Today I remember.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope yours was as enjoyable as mine.