April 22, 2011

Dear Readers - Why I Din't Respond

I've had a few comments lately that I would love to reply to. I understand the need for privacy and safety on the internet. Don't worry, I'm not changing the way I do things here. I've gone through my blog settings to make this place as reader friendly as I know how. I just want you to know that IF I don't respond it might be because I CAN'T. I love comments, and appreciate them, and enjoy responding to all of you, especially if you ask a question.

You see, there is this thing called a Profile in Blogger, and if you don't have that set up, including an email address, then the comment is sent to me without an email address. I know that each blog publishing program (Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, etc.) has their own systems, so while you may get responses from one blog, another blogger may not respond. Now you know why.

So - to get a reply from me (or anyone that uses Blogger) - you have to have an email account linked with your Blogger profile. How?

1. Go to Blogger - do you have an account with them? If not, sign up, otherwise sign in.
2. Once you are signed in go to the "Edit Profile" link in the beside the picture on the left.
3. Under Privacy check the box that says "Show my email address".
4. Under Identity make sure you have an email address listed in the box. This does not have to be the email linked to your account. I have an email address for blogging specifically and it makes things a lot easier for me.

Now you can get responses from those Blogger bloggers. Otherwise, if it's important to get a response, and you haven't heard from me, you can email me directly from my Profile page HERE.