March 9, 2011

Baby Girl Quilt Giveaway! *Closed*

I'm working on a new quilt pattern. I designed it quite some time ago, but I actually have the top 90% complete. The only problem. It's for a girl. And I don't know anyone having a baby girl. That said, I also am not the kind of person to just waste a cute quilt and appliqué any name on there to get it done. As I pondered my dilemma, and called various people to see if they new of anyone having a baby girl, I considered yet another option. So I bring my problem to you, my followers and readers, in the form of a giveaway! (I only have one quilt.)

If you are or know someone who is having a baby girl feel free to enter this giveaway. Read on to know just how to enter!

Baby Girl Quilt Giveaway!
(Open to U.S. and Canada Only)

Baby Girl Quilt Giveaway!
{A Sneak Peak at the Unfinished Quilt Top}

Here's how to enter:
  • Be a *follower or *reader.
  • Leave a comment and specify the name you would want on the quilt, if you were to win! Make sure to spell the name correctly, I will probably notify the winner and start making the quilt within the same hour.
  • Only ONE comment per person.
  • Be very sure that either: a) email is enabled on your profile OR b) leave your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win. If a winner is chosen and no contact information is provided, a new winner will be chosen.
  • If you forget to provide email information or want to change your comment, please delete your first comment before leaving another one.
  • Giveaway closes Wednesday March 16th at 12 NOON.
  • Winner will be announced Thursday March 17th.
  • Open to U.S. and Canada only, I can not afford shipping any farther. (Sorry.)
*In the past, I've done open give-aways, but this time I am going to require that you be a follower (or reader) of my blog. Not because I want to make money, or because I want to be more popular - but because this is my way of saying Thank You for reading my blog. New followers are welcome to enter, but don't just sign up for the giveaway. Sign up because you like my blog and want to read it. I expect that this will be my standard for most giveaways in the future. That being said, feel free to share news of the giveaway with your friends. I'm not trying to stop people from joining the blog, just prevent them joining only for the prize.


Brandon and Natalie said...

I'm such an idiot. My brain was so set on the triplets that I forgot (don't tell her!!!) my other sister is expecting also and is having a girl :) Her name is/will be Hannah Skye. Fingers crossed. The sneak peak looks so cute - and dang it all you made it so I KNOW it's cute :)

Ryan and Amanda said...

Oh! This would be perfect for me...if I have a girl. I am due in the beginning of May but since we don't have any definite names picked out maybe you could put Baby Girl or Dolly (nickname for girls on my husbands side). I think you have my email but just incase,

Suzanne S. said...

I saw your idea for a soap dispenser on Pinterest, and followed it to your blog. Such a talented lady! I am going to put you under my favorites. As I type this I am watching my 2 month old granddaughter. This quilt would be perfect for her, and a wonderful keepsake! Her name is Kinzie and my email is (I am going to go back and read if I became a member correctly....blogs are new to me. In fact, you are the first blog I am becoming a member of.)