March 31, 2011

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Once upon a time an adorable baby was born, he grew up, got married, had two boys, and all of a sudden he was about to turn 30! 30, being a significant accomplishment, was worthy of mass celebration. Hence, his loving wife decided to throw him a surprise party, which wound up being a joint surprise party for two other friends of his who were turning 30 as well! True story.

The theme? Angry birds!
The location? A nearby clubhouse, thanks to our friends the apartment dwellers.
The event? Awesome! Few 30 year olds get themed birthday parties.

The invitation:

Angry Birds Birthday Card

I found a free vector file with several Angry Birds and Pigs here. I used a simple background and border and used this free font. I added the outline around the words myself though.
*Note: Names and Locations have been changed to protect privacy. No need to worry that three friends have the unfortunate demise of being named after The Three Stooges.

Here's another Birthday Card that could be used as an invitation or with a gift. 

The decorations:

Angry Birds Pig Piñata

We kept the decorations simple, using the piñata as our main decoration, and a few prints of the angry birds from the vector file. I also used the birthday invitation to make a sign for the doors. If I'd thought ahead I think I would have Laminated the images. The kids were thrilled to take them down and play with them!

Angry Birds Birthday Poster

Angry Birds Birthday Decorations

Angry Birds Birthday Decorations

The menu:

Angry Birds Birthday Food

In the game Angry Birds the birds smash Pigs that stole their eggs. As we planned the party the menu came together easily.

Pulled Pork & Salsa Chicken served with rolls
Fruit Salad
Veggies and Dip
Deviled Eggs
Fruit Punch
Cake Pops

 Angry Birds Cake Pops

I can't take credit for the awesome cake pops. My friend made them. She used different color chocolate chips for the different birds, and cut the tip off chips for the round noses, and then the same, but cut in quarters for the eyes. Little sprinkles turned out perfect for the eyebrows. She used edible pen to mark the eyes and noses, and Starbursts flattened and cut for the beaks. On the biggest pig, she used a Starburst for the crown! Everyone loved them!

Angry Birds Cake Pops

Angry Birds Cake Pops

Angry Birds Cake Pops

We got the idea for the cake pops here. (This is actually what got us started on the whole theme.)

Other Menu Ideas: Sugar Cookies, Rice Crispy Treats

The cake:

Angry Birds Cake & Cake Pops

Thankfully Costco came through and sold me an un-decorated cake. Did you know they would do that? I wasn't sure! The white frosting and edges are all them. I stepped in with the decoration of the top, add to that the glorious cake pops from my awesome friend and it was perfect!

IAngry Birds Cake & Cake Pops

Angry Birds Cake & Cake Pop

Angry Birds Cake & Cake Pops

To get the red bird shaped right I used a paper, cut circular, and traced the edge, then loosely followed the image from the birthday card.

Other Angry Bird Cakes:  Playable Angry Bird Cake, Cake Toppers

The activities:

The kids arrived and decorated their small paper bags to be used later for the piñata. We just had markers and stickers. If you want to go farther, you could fringe the tops of the bags, and have them decorate "the nest".

Of course, eating and socializing were the main event. We had planned to set up the Wii, but there was an important Basketball Game to be watched. (Heads up: There is an Angry Birds Wii game in the works.)

Angry Birds Piñata Slingshot

The kids enjoyed playing in the gym and were extremely excited to assist with breaking the piñata open. Needless to say, after some thorough bashing from the men with their slingshots, some good wacks from several kids, and further attempts on the part of the fathers, the pull cord was pulled and even then, it had to be picked up and shaken to get the eggs and candy out.

 Angry Birds Piñata Slingshot

Yes, that's right - the Piñata was stuffed with Eggs!

 Angry Birds Piñata full of Eggs!

The Piñata was originally a sports piñata. We covered the sides in green crepe, printed out pigs, taped them together and glued them on and then I drew the nest and eggs. It was pretty easy to do, and saved money that way. You can order Angry Bird Piñatas from Etsy though.

Angry Birds Pig Piñata Before

Angry Birds Pig Piñata

If you're planning this event yourself you might consider: Dodge Ball (Angry Birds Dodgeballs are soon to be released), some sort of game with the Angry Bird Plushies, or any other idea involving a Sling Shot!

I picked up my Sling Shots here, but with a little extra time I would highly recommend these ones for a large (age appropriate) group.

That's all folks. Feel free to comment about more Angry Birds ideas or share photos of your own party in my Flickr Pool Maggie Muggins Designs In Action.

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Liz said...

So cool! My friend and I were just talking about doing this for our 4-year-olds (although my 30-year-old hubby would love it too). I'm definitely going to pass this on to her!

Steph said...

Oh my gosh, this is the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Unknown said...

Oh How clever. We might have to do this for my hubby in July. He loved your pictures and ideas! Looks like everyone had a great time.

Anonymous said...

You could play "Live" Angry Birds. Use the plush animals and set up the structures using hte kids cardboard bricks. Throw or sling shot a bird at the pigs who are situated in the structure. My kids made this up on a rainy day and had a blast!

Kimberly Venton said...

Maggie we should join forces!!
Your invites and my decorations!!

Check us out

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the fonts, but they are black, how do i get them in white color with the black outline? thanks

Maggie Muggins said...

@ Anonymous: Within most design programs you can set a line color and fill color. The line color would be black, fill color white. Even within Microsoft Office you can create "Word Art" that changes the image to have a black outline then make sure it's filled white not "no fill".
@Everyone Inkscape, a free program, is a similar program to Adobe Illustrator and you can use that for the Bird images.

Ruth said...

How cool that you used this theme for an adult party! We just had an Angry Birds party for our 6 year old, too. Check out the cake!

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