January 27, 2011

Printable Vinyl Anyone

Thanks to Janet for leaving me a comment about Cricut Imagine's Printable Vinyl. She suggested it for use with the Spice Jars. I'm definitely going to try this out. So anyone who's considering this project - let me know if you try the it and how that goes. I'll of course, let you know too. I've got all sorts of ideas for it already. But I will look for some that is 8.5x11"!

Provo Craft Cricut Imagine Full Adhesive-Backed Printable Vinyl, 5 Sheets

Hope you're all having fun and possibly getting a little crafting done.


Linh C. said...

I'm adding this to my Amazon wish list. :)

I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw something I've never seen before. Embroidery paper. It was in the scrapbooking section. Have you ever used this before? I assume it would work with the Sil? Have you used Hambly overlays with the Sil? What cut setting would be used? I'm afraid of messing up the blade too soon. :)

Janet said...

The Printable Vinyl.. I've also seen at expressions vinyl. Im in no way afiiliated but they have like an actual video about it on there website:-) Its pretty cheap too.. I didnt check to see how much the cricut vinyl was:-) I was SOO tickled pink that you said that on your blog. Your Blog rocks. and I love it;-) You made my day.

Janet said...

Sorry dont mean to blow up your comments but it is $1.99 for one sheet and its waterproof:-)or smudgeproof rather:-) But there vinyl is good too.There shipping is just kind of pricey but it is everywhere