January 20, 2011

My Dreams...

My husband has been planning for a while to reinstall everything on the computer. As in a complete technology make-over. Last weekend he got started, and unintentionally made it impossible for me to dual boot to my old set-up. Luckily the data is still intact, but it's been slow for me to set it up again. I just barely got Photoshop back up today. You can look forward to more creative posts here!

We have been so extremely busy. You see two weekends ago we got this idea in our head to look at some new houses in the area. We seriously considered buying one. My husband likes to joke that Heavenly Father "mumbled" something to me which I didn't completely understand and we stopped short of buying a home. What really happened was a strong feeling that this wasn't the right thing to do, along with a snippet of a message that, while it was clear, I didn't fully understand. I do now. We are not moving (yet) but we are saving and keeping a close eye on the market. 

I'm glad to have someone who knows so much more than me there to guide me along on the huge decisions. I will confess though that I'm sad that the house wasn't right for us. My dream of having my very own craft room felt so real for one brief moment. In the mean-time we've decided to rearrange things to fit in our place still. So over the last week we've donated, sold, given-away and moved things around. I'm not done but things are slowly coming together. The best part is the master bedroom closet has officially become my sewing room (shared of course with some clothes and other storage). Hopefully soon I can walk into my bedroom and not feel like my crafts have taken over! Hurray!