January 16, 2011

Couponing: My methods and Discount Toys

I told you I started couponing a while back. I remember listening to other women chat about all the great deals, and all the free stuff they got and how everyone should coupon. As I listened I was always dubious as to whether or not it would really save me money - especially when I knew that 20 boxes of tuna helper would never make it to my pantry - let alone into my mouth - no matter what the price!

But, despite my reservations, I decided to give it a whirl. I gave myself two rules:
  1. Limit my couponing to two stores.
  2. No buying anything that I wouldn't have bought before. Even if it was a really good deal.
Then I set out with the assistance of my couponing friends. Here's what to do:
  1. Subscribe to several couponing blogs (mostly ones that share the weekly deals).
  2. Start saving the paper coupons that I get.
  3. Start printing some coupons (NOT all) that I knew I would for sure use.
I still have not subscribed for a Sunday Paper in order to get coupons, but I may consider it later. Right now what I am doing is enough. I still save a significant amount of money and that makes me happy enough.

One of the best parts is that couponing blogs are not limited to coupons for food. They share all sorts of coupons and other great deals. While I have saved money on food and other items from my local pharmacy, the other savings have been above and beyond that.

The other day, thanks to a Heads Up on one of the blogs I read, I heard about a sale on Toys at Target. I thought it would be great to get ready for some of the Birthdays coming up, and found some other good deals that I couldn't resist. Yes, I'm already thinking about Christmas this year.

I spent a grand total of $63.66 on a bunch of toys at Target:

Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Lazer ChaseSpy Motion AlarmWild Planet Spy Gear Nightspyer
Lionel Little Lines The Polar Express Train SetOlivia 2-In 1 PlaysetDisney / Pixar CARS Movie 155 Die Cast Exclusive 3Pack Mater Saves Christmas Santa Car, WheeHoo Winter Mater Holiday Hotshot Lightning McQueen
Flick Trix Props DVD with Fit Bike Co. - Road Fools 15

Had I paid full price it would have cost me $254.64 at Target! On Amazon it would currently cost me $250.74 (and that is with free 2 day shipping on some items)! So that's a total savings of $187.08! Is that evidence enough that couponing (and reading couponing blogs) is worth it?

I won't continue on about other awesome deals I've found, (like other deals on toys, or a ton of pharmacy items that the store paid me to buy) but I will say this, it's definitely worth the money saved!