December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas - Free Silhouette File and Artwork!

Today I went shopping. Just for the sake of it. I had no last minute Christmas Shopping to do, no stress, no rush in the store. You see, my Christmas shopping is all done, my crafts are all made, and half of my presents are wrapped. Anyhow, I went shopping for myself, bought myself a nice rain coat with a removable lining. I really like it.

Then I came home and decided to make something for my Young Women that I love. I teach the Mia Maids and I love to tease them that they're "My Maids". Of course, I love them way too much to force them to do my dirty work. I saw this really cool saying over on Sensationally Chic Boutique and I just had to make it. (She has an SVG file available for download.) I decided to make it into an 8x10 poster instead though. Here it is below. I'm going to put it in a white frame for them.

The "Inn" Crowd Christmas Artwork
(To Download the 8x10 size - click on the image to access it on Flickr, then click on "Download the Original Size of this photo")

Of course, after making the poster, I had to cut the words in black for the extra glass block I've had sitting around forever. Yes, that means that I'm going to share the image with all of you! You can download it here!

Silhouette Inn Crowd Free File

*Update: You will need to have these fonts installed on your computer in order to have this exact look:
XMasTerpiece Swashes available on for "Inn" and "Stable"
Birch Std for the rest of the words. This is an Adobe font which you can purchase here or use Latinia from for a very similar look.

As with all my free shared files, these are for Personal Use Only. Please share photos of your projects made from these files in my Flickr Pool Maggie Muggins Designs In Action.

I have so many things to share with you that I've made. Of course, I can't post a lot of it because I have family that reads this! I won't be posting again for a while - it's Christmas, I'm going to spend time with my family making memories. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!


Colleen said...

Love it! Downloaded it!

April said...

Downloaded it and thanks. What is the font? I seem to need to have it installed for mine to look like yours otherwise it just defaults to Ariel and doesn't look all nice and pretty like yours! :-)