November 29, 2010

Pre-Quilted Train Blanket

My son is in love with trains. As is evidenced by the constant jungle of tracks running across his bedroom floor. Maybe someday we'll get a train table. For now I can often be found building contraptions like this:

Thomas Train Layout

Yes, he has a ton of track, and no it was not all purchased new. Thank Heaven for Craigslist! What cost us $150 would have been nearly $1,000 if purchased new.

A while back I wanted to make my train lover a special blanket to snuggle up with - when reading books, watching TV, or for naps. I had been making a lot of projects for other people and he asked me to make him something. (More like begged, hoping each new project was something for him.)

While at Walmart one day I found this pre-quilted panel. It's about the size of a baby quilt, but it was trains so I bought it and some extra fabric that matched perfectly.

I love that it was pre-quilted and I had very little work to do!

Pre-Quilted Train Quilt

I originally had plans to make it much larger, doing several rows of squares around the edge, but I decided to keep it simple. I did a 3 inch border of the back fabric on the front and a bright green minkee on the back. Then I just finished that with some bias tape. My one regret is not using a blue thread for the top-stitching. I think it would have looked better.

It was so easy and I think it looks so cute. Most importantly - my son loves it and loves that I made something especially for him.

The Front:

Train Quilt Front

Train Quilt Front Border

The Back:

Train Quilt Back

Train Quilt Back Border