November 18, 2010

Ottoman Slip Cover

Several years ago I had to have some of those cute storage cube ottoman. Not only were they functional, but they were great footstools and great entertainment for my son (and of course, us in return as we watched him tip in and his little feet kick). But of course, they got worn with time and grime. They were still functional, but no matter how I washed them, I still didn't want to touch them.




I replaced them with storage benches - one of which tore across the top, and then we did something really smart and purchased a huge ottoman when we got our new couches.

Of course, I new the cubes could still come in handy so I decided to make them a simple slip cover. I got extra fabric to match the fabric I have to make new pillows for my sofa.

I considered making a tutorial for you, briefly, but I checked if there was one out there first, no point in doing extra work. Brett Bara has a fantastic tutorial on Design Sponge. It's so close to how I made my slip covers you would think I used the tutorial. I'll show you what I did differently though.

IMPORTANT FOR GEOMETRIC PATTTERNS: Take the time and effort to line up the pattern on all sides of the ottoman. It might mean you waste a little more fabric, but the results are way more fantastic that way. I made sure to line up both covers to the same pattern and you can see in the pictures below how much better it looks because they line up so nicely!

I measured and cut out the fabric:


I sewed the sides and checked the fit. Then adjusted and then sewed on the top. I hemmed it the same way.

The main difference is that after pressing the fabric and putting the cover on, I didn't like the look of the seams pressed in towards the top.

Seam pressed toward top:



For some reason it just didn't look right to me. I set it next to my couch and thought about it. I tried pressing it the other way and it still didn't look right. Oh boy can I be picky sometimes. So it sat beside my couch again for a few more days. Then one day it hit me. It needed a seam. So, with the seam pressed towards the sides, I did a quick top-stitching seam around the edge. I'm not sure my husband really noticed/cared about the difference. But in my mind it was exactly what the cover needed.

Seam top-stitched:



So there you have it. They look so much better and way more fun. They're going to sit by my couch and entry-way, but also be used at the little kids table when extra chairs are needed.

Before & After:


Their new home (and a sneak peak at my new couches):


* This fabric is Tiles - Celery  from Joel Dewberry's Ginseng in the Jasmine palette.

I'm linking this up to The CSI Project's Slipcover Challenge:


UPDATE: Much thanks to Kristi of Pink and Polkadot for featuring these slip covers among other fantasic covers for her Friday's Featured Slipcovers!