November 1, 2010

New Photography Tools

After a recent visit to my parents house I came home the proud new owner of several new/old lenses for my camera. You see, my Dad had an old Canon SLR that he never uses. He had several lenses for it that he also never uses.

Old Canon Camera and Lenses

So out of curiosity we decided to see if they could be used on my Canon 40D. Sure enough, with a small purchase of an adapter (Canon  FD to Canon EOS), I was able to use all the old lenses on my camera!

Fotodiox Canon FD to EOS Adapter

I've spent very little time playing with them so far but I love them! Thanks Dad. I desperately need more practice time. They only have manual focus and it's difficult with that large lens.

But the biggest surprise for me was the flash. It works with my camera! I've had a flash on my wishlist for over a year now. So while I would love to still get that one someday, at least I have a functional flash.

Old Canon Camera, Lenses and Flash

The most interesting accessory was the old right-angle finder. It's an adapter so you can look through the adapter from a different angle and still see the image as if you were looking at straight ahead. It's cool.

Of course, the bag had lots of old papers about the camera, but it was fun to discover this little photo. I don't know about you, but when I find old photos I always wonder who it is, what their story is, and how the photo ended up there. Dad, maybe you could shed some light on the mystery?

Old Photo